Sunday, 9 September 2012

how much is my face worth?

As soon as i saw this tag floating around i knew i had to do it! It's so interesting to see the amount of money we slap on our faces each day - i say interesting but it's probably more shocking than anything!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - Boots £10.99
I use this for my base as the coverage isn't quite how i like it! I am a high coverage kinda gal and this just doesn't cut it but i adore it as a base. It leaves my skin really smooth and it smells fabulous - i use this instead of a primer and it does wonders for me!

I bought this quite a while ago but i've only recently started using this (i ran out of my normal foundation) and i am actually getting used to it. I really like the coverage it gives me and even though it's a bit darker than my skin colour it works quite well and gives a bit of life back to my face! It also smells lovely as well and buffs in puuuurrrfectly! 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - Boots £7.49
I still don't know if i love this yet even though i've been using it for quite a while! I like to use concealers to obviously get rid of my bags but also to brighten my under eye area but i don't feel as though this actually does that. I'm going to use it all up and then see how i feel about it but for now i'm not swayed and i've used much cheaper ones in the past that i've like a lot more! 

Benefit Hello Flawless Pressed Powder - Debenhams £24.50
(I actually bought this from John Lewis but the John Lewis website isn't working tonight...)
I love this powder i really do. It makes my skin genuinely look flawless and it feels amazing to apply. This is the perfect colour for me (I'm 'gee i'm swell Ivory' or something weird like that!) and it's just dreamy - i really do recommend!  

MAC Blush 'Breath of Plum' - MAC £14.50 
   On the website this colour comes across a lot darker which is what i was hoping of when i ordered it but i still really love this colour and have been reaching for it a lot recently! I also like that it's not got any shimmer running through it as most of my blushes do!

MAC Blush 'Trace Gold' - MAC £14.50
I absolutely love this colour it's such a gorgeous gold-y bronze-y colour that looks amazing with all of my blushes. It is very sparkly but i do love that especially used with another blush that is matte.  

Dior Amber Diamonds Shimmer Powder - Selfridges £32
(I actually bought this from John Lewis but the John Lewis website isn't working tonight...)
I adore this! And if you've read my blog for a while you'll know that already. I use this highlighter with pretty much every look i go for. It such a gorgeous bronze shimmer than can be very subtle but can also be built up very nicely. On lazy days i use this alone as a blush and highlight in one - perfect? YES. 

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Debenhams £36
I recommend this to everyone i know and recently i've been loving Chopper and Bootycall. As everyone would say (so i wont go on for too long!) the Naked and Naked 2 palettes are just sensational and such good value for money. I've had both of mine since March and i use them all the time and they've still not hit pan surprisingly! 

Maybelline One by One Mascara - Boots £8.49
'Holy Grail' item right here! I adore this mascara - it makes my eyelashes look amazing and i am forever getting compliments about how long they look and a lot of people ask if they're fake! I really adore this mascara and i always have a back up of it!

Neals Yard Shea Nut & Rosehip Lip Balm - Without A Trace £6.50
I was so fed up of buying cheap lip balms and having horribly dry lips so i treated myself to this lip balm and i've not turned back! As soon as i've cleaned my teeth i apply this and my lips are set for the rest of the day! I love the scent and it's lasted me so long and there is still a lot left! So much better than anything i've ever tried and i don't go a day without it.

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm - Bobbi Brown - £15
  (I actually bought this from John Lewis but the John Lewis website isn't working tonight...)
If i fancy a bit of a shine to my lips i'll apply this after my Neals Yard lip balm - it gives a lovely glossy sheen whilst also protecting your lips. I was kind of swayed into buying this by the lovely an amazingly camp gentleman at the Bobbi Brown counter but i don't regret it! It smells amazing too!

SO that's the contents of my face today now let's add it up...
£10.99 + £8.99 + £7.49 + £24.50 + £14.50 + £14.50 + £32.00 + £36.00 + £8.49 + £6.50 + £15.00 =


To be honest i'm not shocked but it's just a bit silly to think i've got all of that on my face! Have you worked yours out? If so link me to your post - i'd love to see other peoples totals! XO  

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