Friday, 13 April 2012

Highlighters - Topshop Sunbeam & ELF Gotta Glow

Without thinking about it i bought two highlighters when i went on a crazy spending spree - thankfully they're both very different so no money was wasted!
And when was it a bad thing having too many highlighters? Never!

Elf Gotta Glow (Blush - but more of a highlighter!)
Topshop Sunbeam (Highlighter)

Elf - Gotta Glow £3.50
Topshop - Sunbeam £9

Elf - Gotta Glow
Topshop - Sunbeam

Top - Bottom
Topshop - Sunbeam
Elf - Gotta Glow

Oh wow that last picture is really awful and does neither of them justice! I am not exactly a professional at the picture taking - well not yet anyway, give me time!
So onto the highlighters

Texture -
Completely different!
Elf is quite chalky and you can almost tell that it's cheap
Topshop is smooth and feels like a really lovely soft formulation

Colour -
Elf - Shimmery champagne
Topshop - Gold/Yellow

Colour Pay Off -Elf - really good pay off! I only have to dab my brush in it and a lot of product comes off - maybe a bit too much at times!
Topshop - This isn't as pigmented when used with a brush you've got to swirl your brush around quite a few times to get enough product!

Blendablility (Not a word but roll with it) -
Elf - I actually think this blends really well - i was shocked as the texture is really chalky but it's soft to the touch and blends out beautifully
Topshop - this also blends quite well - possibly not as well - but looks really lovely when swept really lightly over the skin

Compared -
I personally like 'Elf - Gotta Glow' more - not only is it a lot cheaper but it actually looks nicer on my skin. It's a really gorgeous shimmery champange colour and blends out so perfectly over my pale skin colour!
I really do recommend both though because i absolutely love the Topshop highlighter! And if it runs out - which i doubt it will for a long time! - then i will definitely repurchase because i love the have lots of different shimmers to go onto my skin!
Altogether though ELF wins! 

What's your favourite highlighter? Xo


  1. My fav highlighter is MAC cream color base in pearl :) but I really want to try the Elf one :)

  2. Luv ur blog