Monday, 1 April 2013


In the month of March i've really enjoyed using my MAC palette - i've just rekindled my love for it and i can't stop using it now.
It seems to be a thing everyone has in their collection but sometimes forget about it. Well March was the month of MAC for me!

(From left-right)
Deep Truth
All That Glitters
Sumptuous Olive
Black Tied
Naked Lunch
Rice Paper
(I don't actually know the colour for the next one)
Purple Haze
Amber Lights
Satin Taupe

I absolutely love all of these colours - i'm a massive fan of MAC eyeshadows & i know some people think MAC are quite overrated but i really can't fault their shadows that i've tried. Of course i've not tried all of them but at £10.00 a pop i'm more than happy to try more.
My favourites are probably All That Glitters, Gleam & Cranberry.
They all glide over the lids so nicely and are a dream to blend.

I'm also really interested in getting their new palettes with see through lids they'd make it much easier to differentiate between my blush palette and my eyeshadow palette!

Let me know in the comments if you've got any of these colours and what you think of them - i'd be interested to see other peoples opinions on my favourite ones!

p.s i am SO sorry i've not blogged from absolutely months now... It's just one of those things.
Thank you, Sophie xx

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