Tuesday, 19 June 2012

after working shopping is dangerous...

After getting paid i decided it was about time i had a little look around the shops and treat myself (twice in the space of a week - awful i know) but it was just for a few bits and bobs and not too much many was spent! This is also in the space of two days, i didn't feel toooo guilty until i bought some more today!

 Marie Claire £3.40 - I bought this magazine purely for the nail polish! I've never had Ciate nail polishes so i thought what better way to try them out than when they're £3.40 rather than £9! This colour is Bon Bon and from what i can see in the bottle it's a mauvey nude - which is perfect.
Bourjois Gel Silicone Texture Nail Polish £4.99
This doesn't have a name on it and i can't find it anywhere on the Superdrug website ... I've tried this on my boyfriend (Thank you for the use of your nail Alex!) And after about three coats it looks amazing and does dry extremely quickly - i wouldn't say the 1 second that Bourjois claims but it's still a lovely colour! I would love to try it over a white or purple.

Revlon Nail Polish 211 CHARMING Boots £6.49
I really love the colour of this polish and i look forward to using this on days where i don't fancy a lot of colour on my nails. I also tried this polish out on Alex and after one coat it looks amazing! I've never really wanted to spend quite so much money on a high street branded nail polish but the pots are quite large and upon further inspection a lot of people seem to love these!
Revlon Nail Polish Grape Fizz - Boots £6.49
Now this is something special! The pigmentation is awful but after a few layers it looks lovely BUT it is a scented polish! It smells like grape ... and it really does! Alex could smell it all night after i'd tested it on his nails and it really does smell nice. This would be lovely over a lilac polish to give it that sparkly edge and the grapey smell!

NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish 'Lexington Yellow' - Superdrug £1.79
I've not tried this yet but i've wanted a nail polish for quite some time as they're handy for nail art and they also add a pop of colour on a gloomy day! I will let you all know my thoughts on this once i've used it ... I've not got high high high hopes for this but i hope it's good enough!
Barry M Nail Polish 'Matt Polish' Superdrug £2.99
I've wanted a good white nail polish for quite some time now as i'm loving the look of all white manicures so i am looking forward to trying this out!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara 'Black' - Superdrug £4.99
I love this product from the get go! The brush is hugeeee and i like it when the brushes are big as they work better on my eyelashes! I shall have to do a proper review of this though - i also got it because it was on offer!
Rimmel Kate Lipstick '20' - Superdrug £3.99
I also bought this because it was on offer and i've wanted to try this out for ages - i've not used it yet but as you can see below the colour is amazing! And it's such a lovely vibrant colour perfect for summer!

SoapSmith Baker Street Soap - Glow&Co £5.99
After using my other SoapSmith soap and i am completely bowled over and i had to try another scent. Baker Street soap smells like marzipan and i really could just sit and sniff it all day everyday. At the moment it's just sitting on the side in my bedroom and i can smell it as i type! SO nice.

Maybelline Super Stay 10hour Tint Gloss 'Forever Fuchsia' - Superdrug £6.99
After being blown away by my other tint gloss i had to purchase an even brighter colour. The smell alone does it for me - like i said before it really does smell amazing! My boyfriend agreed with me that it smelt exactly like an ice lolly!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation '103 True Ivory' Boots £6.99
I've wanted to try this out for ages but i've got two foundations on the go at the moment and didn't think it was worth it buying another however when i saw this was on offer... £2 off! I couldn't say no, come on. I quite like it so far but i'm only on day two of using it. It's darker than i'd usually but my mummy (i sound like a ten year old but oh well) said that she likes it when i inject a bit of colour into my face. If it turns out i absolutely love this product i will do a review on it so you'll know if i like it or not!

Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti' Superdrug £5.99
Another lovely product i got with £2 off! I am a spending machine i know! I love this colour and all oranges seem to remind me of Zoe ! I love these like pretty much everyone else does too! They're moisturizing and quite long lasting and all really beautiful washes of colour!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - 35 On and On Bronze £4.99 Superdrug
For the longest time i've wanted to try on and on bronze because i love doing brown smokey eyes like the rest of the world... I've not used this yet but i can wait to dip into it and us it as a base!
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - 55 Immortal Charcoal £4.99 Superdrug
I've never heard of this colour but i love all things black and it's such a gorgeous shimmery colour that i couldn't say no to this either! I am looking forward to using this as an all over wash.

What have you been buying recently? Obviously i've bought too much! XO


  1. great haul! i bet you cant wait to try out all those goodies


    1. trust me i am more than excited! tried out a few of the nail polishes already and i am in love!! XO

    2. I really want that lip butter too, but its always sold out wherever I go.
      if you have time, please check out my blog xx


    3. I have noticed it anywhere either ... i lucked out and managed to get the last one in my local superdrug! And i most definitely will! xx