Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Favourites

I really haven't had many favourites this month as i've not been buying too many new products or searching for many! I've found a couple of things at the end of the month that i adore but i haven't used them for long enough to class them as an 'August Favourite' so look forward to reading about some new things in September! 

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat - Boots £5.25 
I only use this as a base coat as my beloved O.P.I Base Coat is running out and i'd rather keep that for super special occasions! It glides onto my nails really nicely and makes a very sleek base coat for my polishes to go onto. I find my nail polishes stick really nicely to this and look so much smoother so i definitely recommend this! I am always on the hunt for a new base coat as i think it's one of the most important parts of a manicure (well to me anyway!)

MAC Trace Gold Blush - MAC £14.50
I am still loving cream blush (see last months favourites!) but i've been loving using this as well! I use this as an outer cheek blush and then a pinkier tone nearer the middle of my face. I love the way this actually sparkles on your cheeks and the glitter really does show. If you don't like glitter this may not be the blush for you but it's got the perfect balance of bronze & gold with the added bonus of a sprinkle of glitter! 

MAC Blush - Now don't hate me but i am no aware of the name of this ... My sister de-potted this and forgot to put the name on it and then i bought it off her and i just don't know the name! If you think you do i'd love to know! - MAC £14.50
I absolutely adore using this colour with Trace Gold it's so bright and extremely pigmented and again has glitter running all the way through it so it's almost as though a fairy has exploded on my cheeks when i wear this combination. I love pinky tones on pale skin tones but i also think this would look lovely on darker skin tones too! It's such a lovely product and due to it's amazing pigmentation you only need the tiniest bit so i feel this is going to last me a really long time!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Debenhams £36
Pretty much everyone in the world loves this palette and i definitely do too! I've been sticking to pretty much the same eyeshadow look these past few months! My favourite colours (at the moment) being Sin (second in from the left) and Toasted (ninth in from the left) - together they look amazing! There's not a lot more i can say about this palette that people haven't said before but i am another person that highly recommends this product! 

So that's my very small 'August Favourites' what have you been loving this month? XO

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