Saturday, 11 August 2012

products i love this week!

I like doing these posts because i tend to get really addicted to a few products for a few days and then forget about them for another few days and so on and so for (and and and) so without further ado ...

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - John Lewis £18.00
(Left to right)
Fresh Melon & Pale Pink
I absolutely adore these - i really can't tell you enough how much i love these! I think i mentioned these in my July Favourties - they're really just so gorgeous! I used to use my fingers to apply these and i never actually loved the outcome but i loved the product however recently i've started using my Real Techniques Contour Brush to apply and the outcome is amazing! They sweep over my cheeks so nicely and add a lovely gleam and a gorgeous colour. I absolutely love using these colours together with the pink colour on the apples of my cheeks & the melon colour going further out to my ears (not on my ears - just in that direction)
10/10 for sure! I really do recommend trying out Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges as they're for cheeks and lips and they are just such a lovely pigmented product and definitely worth all the money.

Dior Shimmer Powder - John Lewis £32
(Left to right)
Amber Diamonds & Rose Diamond
I've recently spoken about Amber Diamonds in my previous post and i am in love with it but i haven't forgotten about the ever so gorgeous Rose Diamond. These really are two of the most luxurious products that i own and it's such a pleasure to use them. The instant glow you get as soon as these are applied to the high points of your face is just so wonderful. I tend to just apply these on the top of my cheek bones and when the light hits them they look incredible. There is something so lovely about having a little shimmery gleam on the top of your cheeks. It might sound silly but my mood really is lifted as soon as i apply these - i'm not sure if it's because they're so luxurious that it makes me feel quite glam or the fact that the product is so gorgeous or maybe both but i really do just LOVE these.
You might be put off by the price tag but i personally don't think they're expensive and i know these are both going to last me a very long time. I've had Rose Diamond since March now and it's not even made any kind of dent in the Dior pattern, and i use it ALL the time. They're such glorious products!

I got this lovely product as a magazine freebie and i've loved it ever since! I keep it on my desk and apply it every few hours just for a bit of hydration! It lasts such a long time and if i forget to take it to work with me it's not a problem because application does last all day. It smells glorious and gives such a lovely sheen to the lips that glows in the light. The only thing i don't LOVE about this product is the taste - it's rather intense and lingers for about an hour but after that everything is fine. I do recommend this product if you've got very dry lips as it keeps them hydrated and moisturized for an extremely long time! If you got it as a freebie - go you! If you didn't then i really do think that £8.00 is a bargain for this lovely product!

So these are a few things i'm loving at the moment - are you loving any of these? If not what ARE you loving!? XO

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