Saturday, 4 August 2012

dior amber diamonds - first look!

I am the extremely lucky owner of the lovely Dior Shimmer Powder - Amber Diamond. My lovely boyfriend treated me to this when we popped into John Lewis yesterday and i couldn't believe it!
I'd heard through the grape vine that it was being discontinued and in March when i went a BIT crazy in John Lewis the lady behind the till had never heard of it and then another lady mentioned that it was being discontinued - sad face - i still got the Rose Diamond though!

However when Alex and i were in John Lewis and he said i could find myself a little treat i thought - well i may as well ask if they've got Amber Diamonds - and sure enough they did! The lady behind the counter told me that they're discontinuing it everywhere apart from England because apparently it wasn't selling anywhere apart from England. Yey for us!


Dior - Amber Diamonds (Shimmer Powder) - John Lewis £32

So i am aware these aren't the greatest pictures but i thought i'd just show you what this gorgeous highlighter looks like!

♡ I love it
♡ It blends into my skin so nicely
♡ ALL of the colours are gorgeous - perfect for eyeshadow, perfect for full blown shimmery blusher & obviously perfect for highlighting!
♡ I can safely say that i've had my Rose Diamond for months now and i've used it A LOT and it hasn't made a dent at all SO i know it's going to last me a long time!

So that was my really short little 'first look' of Amber Diamond - but i really do recommend it! I already love it and look forward to waking up to be able to apply it! 

Have you tried either Rose Diamond or Amber Diamond? XO


  1. That is the perfect summer highlighter! I haven't even looked in Australia for these, they probably cost an arm and a leg here. Enjoy it :)

    1. It really is so perfect! And it's just so nice to look at! xx

  2. this is so good!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. I have fallen in LOVE with it! XO

  3. Great post !

    wOw really love the colors !

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