Monday, 13 August 2012

inspired by essie (again) products i've hit pan on

I can imagine after Essie Buttons post on 'products i've hit pan on' was broadcast everyone will be doing these posts but i just couldn't help it! I've not been massively inspired recently but this post definitely seemed like a fun one to do!

p.s hitting pan is when you reach the bottom of a product that's in a 'pan' form (basically the worst thing ever - apart from actually finishing a product)

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder 'Gee, i'm swell! Shell' - John Lewis £24.50
I've mentioned this a lot of times before and i do absolutely love this but i just can't afford it at the moment! I bought some but had to send it back because by the time it had come i'd completely run out of money and it was heart breaking but i sent it back!
It's a really good powder and i do recommend it - it's also got a SPF of 15 which is always good! It might be a bit pricey but i'd rather pay a lot of money for something i love than keep forking out a fiver every few weeks.

Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder 02 Medium - John Lewis £22.50
I've had this since March but also thought it was too dark for me so i rejected it for my newer Benefit powder, however since i've been running out of my beloved Hello Flawless i thought i'd go back to this and save the other one for special occasions. Well i've actually fallen back in love with it! It gives such good coverage and doesn't seem so dark anymore. It's also cheaper and there is more product (8.9g in Get Even and 7g in Hello Flawless) so i think if i were to repurchase a Benefit powder again it would definitely be this one! Maybe i'd get it in 01 Light though!

MAC Eyeshadow 'Gleam' - MAC £10.00
I've had this for quite a while now and i've just hit pan - you can see why though! It's such a gorgeous colour. A gold-y pink-y colour that just looks amazing on the lids! This will definitely be repurchased as i deem it as a staple eyeshadow in my collection. It looks amazing swept all over the lids and is my go to shadow for a lazy day!

MAC Eyeshadow 'Woodwinked' - MAC £12.00
An eyeshadow everyone and their mummy uses. It's such a gorgeous antique-bronze colour that looks amazing with all eye colours. I am so gutted that i've hit pan on this as i'll have to repurchase soon. I think this is a colour that everyone should have in their make up collection!

MAC Eyeshadow 'Honey Lust' - MAC £12.00
I fell in love with this peachy gold colour as soon as i set my eyes on it. For a few months it really was the only eyeshadow i would wear (as you can probably tell) and it just looks amazing. I will definitely repurchase this without a shadow of a doubt.

MAC Eyeshadow 'Retrospeck' - MAC £12.00
I'll admit i haven't used this colour too much - it was my sisters and i bought it off of her. It's a really pretty 'beached blonde' as MAC say. It's quite a pretty brow bone highlight. I probably wouldn't repurchase this as it's not been my favourite - but it's not a horrible colour!

So that's all my products - that i actually use still - that have hit pan! Have you hit pan recently? XO


  1. Oh my god gleam looks incredible! Just added it to the list :P. I adore these posts :)

  2. oh wow gleam looks amazing!! I hadn't even heard of it until your post. I must check it out. Thanks for the post Sophie! x