Tuesday, 14 August 2012

a few products from elf that i love

You either love of hate E.L.F and i have hated a few things in the past but on the whole i think it's a really good website with some actually fantastic products! You've got to do a bit of trial and error with E.L.F - because you can't see proper swatches of things you're taking a chance but because none of their products are ridiculously expensive you're not really wasting any money and could potentially find a holy grail product!
Granted, i don't own a mass amount of things from E.L.F as i've either used them up, thrown them away or lost them along the way but these are a few of my favourite things i own!

E.L.F Powder Brush - E.L.F £3.75
This brush has been spoken about many a time but then the Real Techniques brushes came out and it got pushed to the side slightly... not in my eyes though! Of course when i first purchased the Core Collection from Real Techniques i was quite blown away by their buffing brush but soon i got bored of that and came back to this beauty. Since then i've repurchased it twice (once for me and once for my sister) and now i really can't be without it. It applies my foundation and powder so perfectly i'm sometimes shocked. It spreads the foundation so evenly over my face and takes minimal time to apply and is so cheap! Granted there probably are loads of better brushes out there but i'm yet to come across any! I will definitely repurchase another one of these when it gets a bit tatty!

E.L.F Blush 'Gotta Glow' - E.L.F £3.75
I'm not sure why this is classed as a blush as it's definitely a highlighter and a highlighter that i love! It's rather chalky when first applied but as soon as it's blended out it leaves a lovely white gold highlight. It's cheap and cheerful and perfect for a first time highlight user - i don't know if i'd repurchase this as i've got a lot of highlighters but i do love it and i think for the price you can't go wrong!

E.L.F Blush (I've actually forgotten the name and it's not on the back but it's either ...) 'Peachy Keen' or 'Candid Coral' but i think it's the latter! - E.LF £3.75
I adore this blush! It's a really lovely blendable formula and looks perfect on my rather pale skin. It's not massively pigmented but you're getting what you pay for in that sense. I do recommend these blushes and i'd love to try some more as i think they're actually really worth it and i'd pay more than what they're charging. Granted, i'm not saying they should up their prices ;)

E.L.F Single Eyeshadow 'Pebble' - E.L.F £3.75
I love their single eyeshadows because you're getting a lot for a little! They're really pigmented and don't crease on the eyelids and leave such a nice finish. I know this is called pebble but i really can't explain the colour any other way than a pebble colour. It's very creamy to the touch and applies like a dream - i don't use this all too much so i probably wont ever need to repurchase it but if it does run out you can't bet your bottom dollar i will!

So they're just a few things i love from E.L.F - have you ever tried any of these/anything from E.L.F ... I love hearing what people think about it! XO

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