Sunday, 29 July 2012

july favourites!

I completely forgot what time of the month it is but in the blogging community this is my favourite time of the month.. 'favourites' time!

I don't have a lot this month - which is pretty much the same as every month to be honest! I like to keep these posts to a minimum by only picking the things i really did LOVE this month!
So onto the favourites...


Real Techniques Contour Brush - Boots £21.99 (Core Collection)
I've recently fallen in love with this brush all over again - i have phases with this brush as i don't often contour. However the past few weeks i've been using it for applying cream blush and it's perfect for that! The bristles are extremely soft and apply just the right amount of product to the cheeks.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - Boots £7.49 
As you can see i use the lightest colour as my skin is extremely pale! I've been loving this concealer as it's not too heavy and cakey. I don't like concealers that feel really thick on the skin as they can really make the area you want to conceal stand out. This applies smoothly over the skin and doesn't take too long to sink in but long enough so that you can blend it in properly. I do recommend this - and you only need the tiniest bit of product to go a very long way!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat - Boots £5.99 
I always thought that things like this wouldn't really work but it genuinely does! Quite often glittery nail polishes will take an extremely long time to dry but if you apply this afterwards it dries within minutes. Obviously it's not fully dry but it really is dry to the touch and leaves your nails shiny and chip free for quite a few days! I also think it's priced really well for what it is - if you were to get this product from O.P.I for example this would set you back minimum £10!

Cream Blush -
(from left to right)
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Fresh Melon 24 - John Lewis £18 
This is such a gorgeous 'fresh' colour as it would imply and looks really gorgeous on the cheeks. It doesn't create an over powering amount of colour but enough to look like a flush of melon!
Topshop Cream Blush 'Flush' - Topshop £6 
This is such a lovely pink-y coral-y colour that applies really nicely. It's quite cheap and seems to have a cream to powder finish (as far as i'm concerned) and it looks really lovely with quite a strong eye. I don't often reach for this one but it's a nice difference!
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Pale Pink 11 - John Lewis £18 
This was my very first cream blush and i adore it! It's so highly pigmented and looks gorgeous on the cheeks. It applies quite strongly so you really don't need a lot of product to gain your desired effect. These Pot Rouges are for cheeks and lips so this colour also looks amazing on the lips!

So that's my July Favourites! If you've done yours please link it below as i love reading favourites posts! XO


  1. love that topshop blush!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. Same! I've also got Neon Rose or whatever the neon one is called and that's super good as well! Such good value too! xx

  2. I adore the real techniques contour brush! It is so fabulous! I think I need to put Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer on my list. I've heard so many great things.

    Love your blog Sophie! x

    1. It's so good isn't it! I used it this morning and felt like i was painting a picture haha it's such a nice brush!
      Yes definitely get the concealer! It's dreamy
      Thank you so much! I'll definitely check yours out when i get home from work! xxx

  3. I use my real techniques brushes everyday really love them especially the contour brush! The cream blushes look so pretty too x

    1. The cream blushes are so much! Especially the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges - they're so gorgeous and so pigmented and go on your skin so smoothly! Amazing! xxx