Saturday, 28 July 2012

review - Soapsmith Lavender Hill Body Lotion

A couple of weeks ago i was more than lucky enough to get contacted by Soapsmith and offered some goodies! Of course i was over the moon and really excited. 2 days later i received a lovely parcel in the post with two full size gorgeous products in! One of them was the Lavender Hill Body Lotion

Soapsmith say -
'Our Body Lotions are entirely SLS and paraben free, and do not compromise on quality. A Body Lotion which is thick and creamy to the touch and which leaves the skin so smooth, hydrated and sweet smelling'
Instantly i am drawn to their products as they're paraben free and really do leave your skin feeling hydrated and everything else that's good in the world. I think it's important to look at what you're putting all over your body before you use it and you can trust that Soapsmith will only do your skin good!

I'm personally not the biggest fan of Lavender, i think i've just grown up not liking it as my parents didn't like it but after using this product i am completely blown away. I absolutely love the smell - it's extremely calming and not too over powering - i find that lavender is extremely over powering and never leaves the room!

I use this in conjunction with the Soapsmith Lavender Hill Body Wash (which i shall do a separate review on) and of course they just go together hand in hand. 
I am quite particular about body lotions but this one really is lovely. It's extremely soothing on the legs and you really don't need a large amount to cover quite a wide space.

I love the pump top as it's so handy to use when your hands are all creamy and it's actually difficult to get product out of the squeezy tubes. I will however say that as much as i love it i do also dislike pump tops as you'll never really be able to get all of the product out but i will definitely try my hardest! 

It keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized for the whole day. Normally after any old body lotion i'd feel as though i need to re-apply after about an hour but with this i am secure for the whole day!
This might be a bit too much information but ... after shaving i am extremely prone to shaving rashes and i often get spots on my knees however after using this body lotion i haven't had any rashes which is unbelievable! 
It's also completely soothed my horribly sunburned legs like no other lotions could - honestly i couldn't believe it!

All in all i'd rate this product extremely well. The smell is  probably the only thing that i don't LOVE about it but i really do like the smell it's just not my favourite but that wouldn't put me off purchasing it at all!

To try these products out yourself head over to the Soapsmith website to find out where your nearest stockists are - and i really do recommend! 

Have you ever tried any Soapsmith products? If not you definitely should! XO

P.S i just wanted to say that these are my honest opinions - i am not getting paid to do this post i've done it because i really do love the product! xxx

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