Saturday, 28 July 2012

little bit of shopping

If you've followed my blog for a while now you'll know that i've got a rather bad spending habit and when i get paid there are always things to buy...
I'm not showing everything i bought as a lot of it is boring things like cotton wool pads, muslin cloths etc 


Cosmopolitan Perfect Finish Make-Up Sponges - Superdrug £1.19 (on offer)
I bought these to be able to do more nail art! I've wanted to try 'ombre nails' for so long and i luckily remembered when i was in Superdrug! And get them now whilst they're on offer!

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz - Boots £3.33 (on offer)
I've heard quite a lot about this and i've recently run out of my Liz Earle toner so i thought i'd give this a go. I also thought that as it's getting hotter recently it might be quite nice to have a spray toner to cool myself down in the morning! I've only used it a couple of time as i've slightly forgotten about toner after not using it for a couple of weeks! If i love it i'll pop up a review! 

Naked Skin Up Tone Girl - Superdrug £3 approximately  
I've not used this yet and i know that i bought two toners in one day but i've recently become quite interested in the whole Naked range and decided to treat myself to this as it was on offer as well. I'm not sure when i'll try it out but as i said before if i like it i'll pop up a review!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Seductive & Elegant - Superdrug £1.45 
I bought this purely because it was on offer and there are some mornings when i've got extremely limp and lifeless hair and this just adds a good burst of volume to it! Whenever these are on offer i'll pick up at least one just to have as a 'just in case' thing!

Sally Hansen Regular Polish Remover - Boots
I don't know the price of this as it was a present from my mummy and although i know it wont have been much i don't really like looking up prices! It's about as nice as the other polish removers i've used as i've recently fallen out of love with the Bourjois magic pot blablabla 

Clean On Me Shower Gel - Boots £5.50 
I like to treat myself to a bit of Soap & Glory every so often as even though it's no expensive i am always drawn in with the '3 for 2' offer and i just can't buy one thing! I love this shower gel so much and it's always good to have a back up shower gel at the ready!

Calm One - Calm All Bubble Bath - Boots £5.50 
Today i really fancied having some bubble bath which is why i was initially drawn to the Soap & Glory stand in my local Boots. I forgot how much i adore this Bubble Bath and for the cheap price of £5.50 i thought i'd treat myself to it! So far tonight i've been too busy tidying to even think about a bath!

Supereyes Moisturizing Gel - Boots £4.50 (on offer)
I've never used this before and i've never heard any reviews on it but when i saw it on offer i had to pick it up! I've completely run out of eye cream and after using a sample of REN eye gel i knew the next product i wanted to purchase would be a gel! I will let you all know how this goes! 

REN Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum (Blemish Prone) - Without A Trace £22 
I've only used this once so there really isn't a lot i can say about it but i've recently had spots popping up everywhere and i couldn't deal with it any longer so i popped to Without A Trace and begged the lovely lady in there to help my skin go back to normal! Lets hope this works!

Maybelline One By One Mascara - Boots £8.49 
I actually bought three of this which might seem slightly excessive however it's my holy grail mascara and i don't want to buy anymore make up (eyeshadow, lip products, face products etc) so i thought i'd just stock up on this mascara! I thought i'd been put off of it but then i fell in love and remembered i couldn't live without it!

Pink Dragon Fruit Scented Tea Lights - Glow&Co £6.25 
I bought some really cute Yankee Candle tea light holders the other day to put my citronella tea lights in and then i thought i'd get some nice scented ones so i can use them in my bedroom and they look so lovely! And smell incredible!

Naked Intensive Care Shampoo - Boots £4.19 
(not photographed) Naked Sensitive Shampoo £4.19 
2 for £6.00
After hearing my mummy rave on about how much she loved her Naked shampoo she bought herself i thought i'd treat myself to some of it. I normally swear by T-Gel but i really dislike the scent of it so thought i'd pick something with a bit of a sweeter scent! 

I also bought some of these - imPRESS Press On Nails £7.99 - but forgot to photograph them before i used them but so far i absolutely LOVE them and i am excited to see how long they will last and if they last a week i will definitely be buying more with the rest of my Boots points!
And i completely forgot but i bought Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT 30ml for £38. I love this perfume so much and me and my boyfriend thought we'd grab some perfume as we'd both just run out! I got this for Christmas so not only do i love the scent but it really reminds me of Christmas and makes me ever so happy!

I ALSO bought lots of presents for my lovely boyfriend today & purchased a few things online yesterday so as soon as they come i will pop up a shopping post! I only really bought necessities though which i'm extremely proud of! 
Have you tried anything that i've bought? XO

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