Sunday, 8 July 2012

review - Nars Angelika Blush

As you may or may not know i received Nars Angelika Blush for my 19th birthday (which was on the 30th June) i felt it was necessary to give my opinions on this blusher as i've worn it every single day since receiving it. I don't know if i ever want to take it off...

Swatch with flash

Swatch in natural light

Nars - Angelika Blush - Space NK £21.00

♡ Super pigmented - and when i say pigmented i really mean that! You barely have to press your brush into the pan and it's covered in beautiful pink!
♡ The colour is on the same on the cheeks as it is in the pan - i know this might seem like a silly point but often once applied to the cheeks some blushes look completely different but this is very true to it's colour.
♡ Even though it looks over the top & full of sparkles it really isn't so 'in your face' when applied. Of course it's a shimmery blush, anything that looks like that in the pan has got to be pretty shimmer-impressive out of the pan too! In my opinion though it's just the right amount of shimmer, it catches the light in such a gorgeous way without looking out of this world sparkly.
♡ It's extremely easy to blend and comes out fabulously onto the cheek. Some bright blushes don't blend very well and tend to just stick to the skin and look rather silly. Angelika spreads across the cheeks evenly and beautifully leaving just the right amount of colour rather than too much of too little.
♡ Due to the fact it's extremely pigmented i think it's very well priced. Nars is a luxury brand and their blushes are only a few pounds more expensive than MAC. This blush is going to last me a very very long time!

So as a little round up ... I absolutely love this blush! I really do recommend the Nars blushes - i can't recommend anything else as i am yet to try another product! When i went into Space NK to purchase a Nars product i was a 'Nars virgin' and now my Nars 'cherry has popped' my bank account will be extremely unhappy and i will be extremely happy!
What do you think of Nars blushes and is there another Nars product you can recommend me? XO

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  1. it looks like the perfect girly blush!