Sunday, 8 July 2012

10 Little Secrets Tag

I've wanted to do this tag for quite some time and i haven't officially been tagged by anyone but i thought i'd do it anyway!
I've changed some of the style related questions to beauty related questions as i am not a fashion girly!

♡ What is one product that makes you feel a million dollars?
For me it's definitely got to be blush. Yes i couldn't live without foundation and it makes me feel better but blush really makes me pop! It can completely change the look you've created and adds a completely new dimension to the face. And blushes are such so gorgeous!

♡ What is your skincare secret/A passed down skincare tip?
Well i have no skincare secret but i'd say (from experience) that you should definitely invest in skincare. If you're going to spend lots of money on your make up you should at least give yourself a lovely base to apply this make up to. Since buying expensive skincare my skin has gotten so much better and has made me a lot more confident. 
My mummy tip is 'Drink lots of water & get a lot of sleep. Don't drink an extensive amount of alcohol either'
No secrets there but they're my tips!

♡ Share your hair care secret?
I'm really not joking when i say i don't have one. I use T-Gel on my hair as i, sadly, suffer from dandruff and it's the only shampoo that calms my scalp down! I'd say definitely use shampoos that are actually good as apposed to being sparkly or a pretty colour & smell.

♡ What is your biggest diet rule?
Eat whatever you want as long as you enjoy it! 

♡ Any work out tips?
Well i don't do any exercise apart from walking every so often but a tip would be have a 20 minute power walk every day and you'll keep off a bit of celly (cellulite) 

♡ Which perfume is your secret weapon?
It's got to be Paco Robanne Black XS - no matter what i buy i'll always go back to this! It's strange because i wouldn't say it's my favourite perfume (it's close but not quite) but i always repurchase it. I've been using this perfume since i was about 15 so it's kind of grown up with me and it's such a gorgeous strong sweet smell that i think just sums up my favourite kind of scent!

♡ Show us a make up item of yours that always turns heads (this was initially clothing item but i don't wear anything that turns heads)
It's definitely my blue shadows ... These always cause a bit of a stir!

I think these seem to shock people because they're not expecting it and then 'blam' there they are right in your face. I think they're so gorgeous though and i absolutely love wearing blue - i think it goes really nicely with my hair colour!

♡ What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
I've got two pieces which might be cheating but forgive me. 

The gold ring above was my mummys and she got given it on her 21st birthday from her mummy and daddy. She gave it to me a few months ago - i think she felt like i was grown up enough to look after such a treasured item & i like to think i am!
The necklace is GORGEOUS and it's from Tiffany & Co and my amazing sister, Rebecca, surprised me with this on my eighteenth birthday. Since then (a year ago) I've only taken it off twice - once to wear a big necklace that looked silly with this underneath and the second time to take this picture. It really is so special to me because my sister got it for me and it's Tiffany, what girl doesn't love a bit of Tiffany?!

♡ Who is your beauty crush? (This was initially style but obviously i'm a make up lover)
I've also got two for this! ...

♡ Tanya Burr (Image from Google) ♡
If you're not aware of who Tanya Burr is then click here to go to her youtube channel where she does incredible make up tutorials.
I've been watching her for just under a year now and i absolutely love her. She's so gorgeous and her make up is impeccable. No matter what her make up always looks lovely & her tutorials are lovely. I've followed a few of them before and every single one is amazing.

♡ Mary-Kate Olsen (Image from Google) ♡
Everyone picks her for a style icon but i've gone for a make up icon. Her make up always looks flawless and she pulls of a dark eye and dark lip SO well! I honestly haven't seen a picture of her where her make up looks anything less than amazing.

♡ Tell us something we don't know about you?
I sing!

Have you done this tag? If you have definitely link it below & if not you should do it - it's really fun! XO


  1. I think I might do this tag, too. I also love Black XS, I always re-purchase it as it brings me so many memories xx

    1. It holds a lot of memories for me as well, it's a really comforting perfume to me!
      Oh yes definitely do it, i'd love to read that!! It's really fun xx

  2. Totally agree with the blush, if I had to have one piece of make up it'd be blush or bronzer :)

    1. It makes such a difference to the face doesn't it! I couldn't be without my blusher! xxx