Sunday, 1 July 2012

nineteenth birthday presents (some of)

I figured it wasn't necessary to show you everything i got so i thought i'd take a few snaps of some of my goodies!
I had such a lovely day full of Pimms, duck pancakes, Colin the Caterpillar Cake, friends, presents, my boyfriend, movies etc. It really was lovely and very peaceful!

From my gorgeous boyfriend Alex i got MAC Black Tied & a huge box of Lush goodies!
I don't know what the box is called or what's inside it as Alex took the label off of it so i would be extra surprised when i opened it! I can however say that i used the pink bath bomb yesterday and it was SO yummy and made my bath pink which i of course loved! 
Alex also treated me to a night out just the two of us around my home town which was so lovely, and i appreciate it so so much. He is seriously perfect!

This lovely coin purse is from my 'babe' Catherine, i love it so much!
Apart from the coin purse above all of these presents are from my family! I thought i'd save the make up for last of course as make up is exciting. I got more presents than i am showing here on my blog - i couldn't get good pictures of the rest of my goodies but they're all very lovely and i appreciate all my presents so much.

I got my first ever Nars product in the form of a blush in the colour 'Angelika' it's a GORGEOUS pinky with sparkles running all the way through it. I've only used it once but i loved it!
Models Own - Beach Party & Ibiza Mix - i am so excited to use these! I've heard so much about both of these colours and when i found them in Boots i straight away ran for them and popped them in the basket! They look incredible in the bottles so i've got high hopes!
From MAC i got 'Mulch', 'Nylon' & 'Deep Truth' - i am in love that is all.
And some lip balms from Body Shop - they were from Christmas time so we got them REALLY cheap (£3 - i wouldn't normally say the price of birthday things but this was too much of a bargain!)

I thought i'd show you some pictures from my 'insta-berry' that i took through out the day!

~ An amazing painting from my friend Catherine. I was so overwhelmed when she handed this to me! It's so beautiful and so very me. Gifts like this are so thoughtful and amazing and it looks fabulous on my wall - i just need to find a frame for it! ~

~ I had to take a little snap of my goodies once i'd opened them. They're so fabulous! ~

~ My lovely new bear/pillow that i got gifted from the lovely shop i work at. I was allowed to pick a little present from the shop and i'd been eyeing this amazing teddy that opens out into a pillow for a while and i thought he should come home with me on my birthday! I named him Timothy ~

~ Lamp Berger - an amazing fragrance lamp. This picture doesn't do it enough justice but it really is such a gorgeous deep pink glittery bottle and it smells heavenly. Everyone should have one of these! ~

~ And to finish it off this is my pimms in a jar. It sounds disgusting but this was a huge mayonnaise jar, don't worry i soaked it in hot water and soap for a long time - i don't want mayonnaise-ey pimms ~

I finished off my evening at the pub with a couple of people i'd not seen in a long time, my boyfriend and two of my favourite people. It was a perfect day. Thank you mummy & daddy for everything - all my lovely goodies & just a lovely day/evening ~


  1. such lovely presents, i adore sweetie pie shower jelly from lush, it smells amazing!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. i know i feel so lucky & spoilt!
      ohhh i am excited to use it and all of the other goodies.
      i've never used the bath melts either so i am reallly excited!