Saturday, 30 June 2012

june favourites

Before i start i just have to do a little something
'Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear er meeee, happy birthday to me'
Today is my nineteenth birthday! I feel so old.

Soapsmith - Baker Street & Green Park
(Pictured above as you can see is Baker Street, i've not used this yet as i am in the middle of using Green Park)
Honestly the nicest soap i have ever ever ever used. If i could only use one thing on my body for the rest of my life it would be these soaps.
  • They lather up so nicely and create such a froth all over your body that you almost wouldn't believe you're using a bar of soap.
  • They're paraben free, and who doesn't want their products to be paraben free?!
  • The smells are absolutely incredible. Baker Street smells like marzipan, and i know that's not to everyones taste but it's definitely to mine. It smells like heaven, i genuinely do want to eat it when i sniff it. The smell also fills the WHOLE room without even taking it out of the packet - it's unreal. 
  •  They're so moisturizing. When i get out of the bath i don't actually feel like i need to put on as much moisturizer as normal. Of course i still layer the moisturizer on but i'm definitely not as dry when i jump out the shower now!
  • And lastly i absolutely love the packaging, a little bit of London poured into each box. They're all named after places in London which is quite novelty but the packaging is very chic and neat that it's not a tacky type of 'novelty' 
Urban Decay - Half Baked
MAC - Woodwinked

(From left to right)
MAC Woodwinked
Urban Decay Half Baked
 MAC Woodwinked & Urban Decay Half Baked
This month i absolutely love both of these colours! They were literally made for each other just by different companies.
  • I can't go over how pigmented both of these eyeshadows are, they're so rich and creamy and you barely even need to sweep your brush in the pan. 
  • Both of these shadows are so long lasting. The other night i was feeling extremely lazy and extremely drained and i went to bed with my make up on and when i woke up in the morning the eyeshadow was still in tact on my eyelid. Granted it was a bit messy on the edges but the rest of it was fine! Super shadows.
  •  They really are just such gorgeous colours, they compliment each other SO much. Half Baked is a more gold-y shimmery shade and Woodwinked is a more brown-y shimmery shad. They really are the perfect couple
  •  Talking about how good they are together they're also AMAZING alone. Sometimes when i'm feeling lazy i'll sweep either one of these shadows over my lid and just blend the out massively. They really do look so effective and beautiful!

No7 Glitter Top Coat 'Silver'
Every few weeks i go through some crazy glitter phase - this week was one of those weeks! 

  • Firstly just look at it - it's so unbelievably gorgeous! I really do love big chunks of glitter i just think they're so beautiful.
  • This goes perfectly over ever colour. Due to the fact it's only one colour you really can use this on top of any nail polish!
  • This is the perfect cover up as well. Quite often i'll completely screw up my nail varnish and if that is the case i just grab this. It goes on so nicely and evenly and makes the worst of manicures look absolutely incredible! 
How many times can i say how beautiful/incredible/amazing one product is. Who knows! Any word you can think of to describe something beautiful describes this nail polish!

What are your favourites this month? I really didn't have a lot again this month - i've got some reviews coming up on things that would have made my favourites but i didn't want to bore you by discussing them twice! XO


  1. I love your favourites! That nail polish looks beautiful!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

    1. Thank you honey, yes it is amazing!
      I'll be sure to check it out! XO

  2. I have half baked, its amazing! Hadn't seen the mac one so similar to it though! Love it!

    You have a new follower, would love if you checked my blog out too, considering doing a giveaway soon.

    Beauty & Style Blog

    1. Woodwinked is honestly such a holy grail eyeshadow for me these days. In real life it's a lot bronzier than half baked is but the two colours were literally made for each other and i think if you've got one you've got to have the other!

      Thank you so much! I will definitely check yours out now :) XO

  3. Love the favourites. Very gold and sparkly :)

    This is my June favourites

  4. so cute!