Wednesday, 25 July 2012

my first QVC purchase

When i was younger i would mock my mummy so much for watching QVC, i honestly thought it was the 'lamest' channel ever - however now i'm nineteen and i adore all things beauty related i actually find it quite fascinating!

Last week i was woken up by my mum begging me to come and see the TSV (todays special value) telling me how much i'd love it and sure enough i did love it! 7 Nails Inc nail polish's for a whopping £24.50! They should have been £77 but no QVC were selling them for £24.50 ... So then naturally i had to get them straight away and since i ordered them i've been waiting eagerly for them to arrive. Yesterday the day finally came and i got my beautiful nail polishes! I genuinely love all of them so here they are...

Portobello -
A beautiful neon coral colour that applies like a dream! 

Porchester Square -
A standard lilac toned nude.

Cheyne Walk -
A purple/green/oil effect colour - does that make sense? It's called a 'mirror metallic' 

Sloane Gardens -
A gorgeous navy glitter that i can imagine would look really fabulous over white!

Pudding Lane -
A 'Sprinkles' effect nail polish that is opaque within two coats and just looks fabulous. An electric blue with dark blue and green large glitter particle.

Warwick Street -
An amazing nude colour with tiny flecks of pink glitter

Princes Arcade -
Part of the 'Nail Jewellry' line and this one is 'Pink Diamond' and it seriously looks amazing on the nails! It's the one i was most excited and it blew my expectations of it out of the water. It looks holographic and like foil all at the same time and just looks amazing! 

(It's a lot pinker in real life)
So they're my gorgeous new Nails Inc products and i couldn't be happier with them! I couldn't resist buying them and i don't regret it at all! 
Have you tried any of these polishes? XO

P.S - did you mock QVC when you were younger like i did? I am a complete convert now!

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