Wednesday, 6 June 2012

pretty eye combination

I tend to fall in love with eye combinations really easily and then stick with them for a really long time! I get comfortable with my make up quite easily.

£10 each

I like to sweep All That Glitters quite heavily all over my lid, it's such a gorgeous pinky/champagney colour with (as you can guess by the name) lots of fine glitter running through it! It really is a staple eyeshadow for anyone and everyone should have it in their collection.
After i've done that i press Cranberry in the outer corner of my eyelid and blend it up a tiny bit and out with a 217 brush. Cranberry is such a gorgeous deep pink shimmery colour - and it's definitely one of my favourite colours in my palette!
I also love just sweeping this over my lid with a lick of eyeliner, it's so pretty.

What's your favourite eyeshadow combination? XO

p.s - All That Glitters is the eyeshadow my LOVELY boyfriend got me for our anniversary :) I do already have this but i am 100% sure my previous All That Glitters is duff as there is absolutely no colour pay off and it's quite chalky. 
He's so lovely though isn't he! He surprised me with it and i couldn't believe he'd gone into the MAC shop all alone, bless him <3


  1. The All that Glitters is a gorgeous colour! :)


    1. It's so lovely! A definite must have!! XO