Tuesday, 5 June 2012

what i love today

For some reason today i've dug up a couple of things i've not used in forever, and used something for the first time so i thought i'd share them with you!

Barry M Nail Polish - Boots £2.99
297 - Blue Glitter & 298 - Green Glitter
When i was in year eleven i went crazy for these! I had green, blue and red but i am sad to say R.I.P to my red one as i discovered it completely dried up the other day sadly!
Today my nails are glistening in the light with these two pretty colours. I completely forgot how much how i love these nail polishes! As soon as i get paid i am going to buy the red one because that really is an amazing product! 

Carex Hand Gel 'Moisture Plus' - Boots £1.00
I have a massive addiction to using hand gel even if i'm just sat at home. I like to keep one in bag and one on my desk at all times. During my evening skin care routine i seem to use this inbetween every step even after initially washing my hands!
I really recommend this one as well as not only does it clean your hands but it's also really moisturizing as the bottle would imply.

DIOR FLIGHT - 001 Peachy Adventures
I managed to get this off of my sister when she moved to Lanzarote! I was extremely lucky... However i've not used this once since i've had it so i thought now would be the perfect time as i am loving peaches! I also really like this because it's a matte peach - i do LOVE my shimmers but its a nice change to have a matte colour on your cheeks!
I also quite like the packaging, excuse the fact it's slightly grubby (i blame it being quite a few years old)

M.A.C Cream Colour Base - Shell - MAC £14.50
I've only used this once or twice since i bought it but i absolutely love it. I forget how much i love it every time i come back to it! It's such a gorgeous shimmery champagne/peachy colour. I can't really describe it but it's such a pleasure to wear on my cheeks. Today has been a rainy miserable day and there's nothing nicer than glamming up your cheeks when the rest of your surroundings aren't so pretty!

Bare Minerals Foundation - Fairly Light - John Lewis £24
I am all for having a high coverage foundation and if you love that too then i definitely wouldn't use this alone ... I however have been using it as a setting powder! It works wonders, it literally makes my skin look flawless! I know that's such a cliche word but it really is true. Because it's a foundation rather than a setting powder it adds more coverage to the skin therefore making you look more 'flawless'

What are you loving today? These sadly didn't make my May favourites but they're definitely a favourite of the day! XO

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  1. I really want to try the bare minerals foundation.