Monday, 11 June 2012

all that glitters - nail polishes

I have a massive obsession - like a lot of people - with glitter nail polishes!
I thought i'd show you all my glitter nail polishes (that i still use) 
My favourite glitter is just plain silver glitter, even though i am partial to a few pinks and blues!

NYC - Lights-Camera-Glitter - Superdrug £2.99
This is the nail polish that initially started my glitter obsession! I knew i wanted something that was blue toned with small and big glitters and this one just jumped at me!
I adore NYC nail polish - not only because they're cheap but i genuinely think they're really good quality! They're not Chanel quality but still wonderful!

No7 Stay Perfect Glitter Top Coat - Silver - Boots £8.00
This is my latest glitter polish buy! I got it with my £5 off voucher for Boots - so only paid £3!
It really is gorgeous because there isn't too much small glitter so it really is just a clear polish with big glitter in it which i absolutely love! It's not too over powering on the nails and is the perfect top coat - as it says!

O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle - John Lewis - £11.00
This is my first ever full size O.P.I i've treated myself too and i adore it. It's better to use on it's own in my opinion because it does come off quite silvery so could ruin any colour you put it over potentially! It's really amazing though and doesn't require a lot of coats to build opaqueness so you wont finish this bottle for quite a while!

Topshop Nails - Ice Crush - Topshop £6.00
This nail polish is such a steal at £6.00! I really love this because it looks amazing in the light. The chunky glitter looks fabulous because it reflects the light and gives off lots of different colours - pinks, blues, yellows, purples etc! I really recommend this and can guarantee a lot of people would as well as it's quite popular! 

Maybelline Express Finish - Flash Cosmic - Superdrug - £4.49
(I'm not 100% sure about the price and can't find it online)
This is an odd one but a big love of mine. It comes off blue (the glitter) and looks really good as a subtle sparkle on it's own or over blue polish. I wouldn't use it over anything else as it doesn't look very effective and just looks a bit messy. I wont repurchase this as it's not a necessity to me but i also have a feeling i wont run out of this for a LONG time as i barely ever reach for it.

O.P.I Save Me - Nicki Minaj Collection (minis) - ASOS - £12.95
I love the whole collection of Nicki Minaj and i'll probably do a whole review on them but i just love this one - and of course it's glittery!
It's strips of glitter as apposed to circular/hexagonal glitter particles so it's very different and i love it! I like to use this on it's own as opposed to over nail polish like the previous polish i just mentioned. The main glitter colours that show up are yellow, blue and turquoise. It's so lovely though and has amazing staying power!

O.P.I Katy Perry Collection (mini) - Teenage Dream - Initially from John Lewis but they're out of stock now! As it's a limited edition collection.
I LOVE this like it's my child. It's simply just the perfect glittery nail polish. It looks amazing alone and amazing over any nail polish. It's my favorite when it's over a dark polish especially black. It really is so gorgeous. The glitter is quite small and just goes perfectly onto the nails. I really can't rave about this enough. 

O.P.I Katy Perry Collection (mini) - Last Friday Night - Initially from John Lewis but they're out of stock now! As it's a limited edition collection.
This is another gorgeous polish! It's pretty much exactly the same as the previous one but in blue. This also looks absolutely gorgeous over black polish - i'm going to be SO sad when it runs out!  

Miss Sporty - Sparkle Touch - Superdrug £1.99
This is such a cute nail polish. It goes on smoothly and looks really greet over every colour. I like to use this mainly as a tip coating when i do graduated nails. It really is very effective and for the price just perfect! I love painting my nails with this colour.

Gosh Nail Glitter - Pink & Purple - Superdrug - £4.99
These are super cool! I know that's such a lame phrase but they really are 'cool'. As hard as these are to take off they look amazing on the nails. For the pink glitter i use a pale pink nail polish from O.P.I as the base just to add more of an opaqueness. And for the purple glitter i use a really dark purple almost verging in black to give it more depth. They look fabulous on the nails and with the right top coat they glisten so wonderfully on the nails! 
They're such a treat to use and do require a bit more time than a normal manicure would but definitely worth it! 

What are your favourite glitter nail polishes? I ALWAYS want to try more! XO


  1. great post, i love that first NYC one. i've never used their polishes before.
    rimmel's disco ball is my favourite at the moment!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. I've never used the rimmel one! I would love it though
      NYC polishes are actually really good! And they have a great colour range in store! Not so much on the website XO

  2. Would love to see swatches xx

    1. I am hoping to get a few nail wheels soon and when i do i will pop a post up of the swatches! XO