Monday, 11 June 2012

my opinion on ... liz earle spot-on

I wanted SO badly to like this product. I was bouncing off the walls when i got it due to the fact that my skin decided to hate me and grow lumps and bumps everywhere - not pretty!

Liz Earle Spot-On - John Lewis - (i think it was about) £8.95

So when i bought this like i said i was bouncing off the walls - i had read quite a few great reviews about this product and thought for the price i couldn't go wrong. I trust Liz Earle - like many people do! - and naturally thought this product would work wonders on my skin.

I will admit, i do fall for hype and when i saw hype around this i was straight in for the kill!

I've used it since March so a good few months now and i really cannot tell any difference in my skin. Yes i am a spot picker BUT when i use this i obviously wouldn't touch the spot/bump. If anything my skin has just been getting worse - i wouldn't say it's due to this product but i will say it hasn't helped anything. 

The smell is extremely strong and even though it's all natural the scent would tell a different story. I don't have a problem with scented skin care but this is extremely strong and it felt sort of wrong placing it all over my face.

I don't think it's very hygienic as it's a roller ball so you're rubbing onto the spot and the next time you use it you're rubbing the previous spot on the next spot (ramble ramble ramble!) It probably is sanitary as the spot-on kills bacteria i'm assuming ... it just doesn't seem right!

I wouldn't say this is a waste of money as it's only about £9.00 but as i've said - it really didn't work for me!
My skin is still a bit rubbish!

If you've got any spot clearing products to recommend me PLEASE do! I am extremely conscious of any imperfection on my skin! XO

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