Wednesday, 13 June 2012

products i regret buying...

Everyone has to make a few make up faux pas along the way right? 

Bourjois Eyeshadows - Boots - £6.49
I really only have one thing to say about this eyeshadows - they're not pigmented AT all. I found it extremely hard to get any colour onto my eyes when using these shadows. I love the colour in the pots but in real life they don't give off any colour. 
I also think for the quality of the eyeshadows they're extremely over priced. I bought an NYC eyeshadow a few weeks ago and the shadow was so amazingly pigmented and it was only about £3-4
I was also disappointed due to the fact that Bourjois is so well known and so highly spoken of for a highstreet brand and for them to bring out such awfully pigmented eyeshadows i am ashamed!
I'll admit it's probably not the same with every eyeshadow but it is with these - definitely regret!

E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip 'Spotlight' - E.L.F £1.50
I don't know whether this is worth talking about as it only set me back £1.50 so it's not like i was wasting a lot of money but i had to pop it in here anyway!
At one point i went crazy and started buying any highlighter that i could - and this just happened to fall into my E.L.F basket!
The main reason i despise this product is because it literally drags my make up off. And trust me i've been patting it onto my face in hope it wouldn't pull my make up off but it did. The texture is really gooey and quite hard and tugs at the make up already on your face.
It's extremely hard to blend - it really doesn't want to budge, like i said it pulls at your make up. Rather than going on over the top it pulls without blending.
The smell is also FOUL. It's slightly citrus-y but not in a good way, it smells very cheap. And i know you're think 'Sophie, it's £1.50 of course it's going to smell cheap' but it doesn't have to smell this bad surely!

E.L.F - Radiance Enhancer 'Spotlight' - E.L.F £3.50
I don't have a lot to say about this as it's pretty much exactly the same as what i've just spoken about.
It drags at my skin and leaves no colour pay off.
It's very hard to build any sort of pigmentation on the skin - it might look quite rich and colourful in the pictures below but it really isn't. That was after heavily swatching it for quite a while!
 I also don't like the applicator very much as the product is extremely hard to get out. I think i might have a duff product - either way it's annoying!
I really don't recommend this at all! Nothing about it came up trumps!

Swatches of all the products.

What do you regret buying!? XO

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