Monday, 25 June 2012

mini pamper night

Sometimes a pit of pampering is necessary! 
I'm only going to have a mini pamper tonight as i've got a busy day of shopping tomorrow... I need to get my sleep.

Isn't a bath bomb just a neccessity for a night of pampering? You've got to start off in the bath with a bath bomb and either a good book or a few episodes of Saved By The Bell (I do the latter)
I purchased mine from Glow&Co for a mere £2 and these are the nicest bath bombs! They're paraben free and smell absolutely incredible!

In the bath what's better than using a face mask? I love these face masks because not only are they a bargain at about £1 but they're genuinely really good! I always like to keep a back up of these but i completely forgot to stock up when i got paid! Wait till next pay day and i'll have a draw full again!

Tonight i am going to test out my REN Pore Minimising Detox Mask as it's my birthday in 5 days and i'd be quite interested in getting the full size product if it works as well as the reviews say it does!
This is just an added extra treat - normally i wouldn't do two masks in one night but i think my face deserves a treat tonight!

And OF COURSE you've got to do your nails! I actually did mine last night but just topped up on some glitter before taking this picture. I am back in my glitter phase after being out of it for a couple of weeks. This glitter nail polish is amazing! I can't link you to the nails inc. nail polish as i got it from 'in style' magazine. The lovely lilac polish is Revlon (211 Charming) and it looks so lovely on my nails!

How do you do a mini pamper? Does it involve any of these products? XO

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