Saturday, 23 June 2012

favourite eyeshadows at the moment

(Left to right)
MAC say 'Red plum with pink shimmer' I'm not sure about anyone else but it sways more pink-y on my eyelids but i absolutely love it! This is always going to be one of my favourite and i also think it's going to last a very long time as it's so pigmented you really don't need all that much of it to create the perfect look.
All That Glitters
MAC say 'Beige with gold pearl' This also sways quite pink-y toned on my eyelids. Not too pink but there is definitely a wash of pink. I love this colour and think it looks so lovely with every eyeshadow! It's so soft and goes so nicely on the lids and even though the name would suggest it it's not overly glittery more shimmery i'd say!
MAC say 'Barely pinked gold' I think that is quite an appropriate description! It's such a gorgeous 'gleaming' colour that looks perfect used alone or alongside Cranberry (that's my favourite combination of it!)

(Left to right)
Sumptuous Olive
MAC say 'Khaki with pearl' this is appropriate as well but don't let the description put you off. This is an extremely buildable colour that i absolutely love with my brown eyes. I mainly wear this as a wash all over my lid with a lick of eyeliner for effect and it really looks great. I now own two of these - my sister gave me one and i bought one - I really really REALLY love this colour.
Half Baked
Urban Decay say 'Subtle lustrous bronze' This is just an amazing colour and an eyeshadow that everyone and their mum have used! It's a crowd pleaser and just the most amazing product. It appears so creamy when applied to the eyelids and goes on like a dream. It's heavily pigmented and can be used all over the lid, in the tear duct, as a pop of colour on the lower lash line, in the crease and for some crazier looks you could even use it as a highlight. It really is one of those colours everyone needs in their collection and it looks great on everybody!

What are you favourite eyeshadows at the moment? I am forever buying new eyeshadow colours and falling in love with colours in my collection all over again! XO

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