Monday, 7 May 2012


So this is the last post of my John Lewis shopping trip..

(Top - Bottom & Left - Right)
O.P.I Dutch Treats - £12.95
O.P.I Start to Finish - Base coat, Top coat & Nail Strengthener - £13.95
O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle - £10/11

I absolutely adore all of these colours! I was going to get the NYC Ballet mini four set purely for the sparkly silver that was in there until i saw the last big size of 'Pirouette My Whistle' so i went for that and opted for the Dutch Treats! I'll do a full post on the Dutch Treats once i've tried them all but so far i am loving the look of them and absolutely can't wait to show case all of them!

Paco Robanne - Black XS
50ml £34.99
This is an all time favourite perfume of mine. I absolutely love the scent and it always makes me think of happy times i've had in my life. Every so often i buy a 50ml of this and once the bottles empty i forget about it BUT i remembered on Sunday and made my last purchase and bought this! 
It's so sweet and pretty and i just feel really well happy in it i guess...
I recommend this for sweet lovers! It is quite strong but i love that!

What perfumes do you love? Xo

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