Monday, 7 May 2012

Benefit & Bobbi Brown

Another part of my John Lewis shopping trip! 
At Christmas i started a love affair with Bobbi Brown and since then i've been lusting over all their gorgeous products!
I still don't have A LOT of Bobbi Brown pieces but i think i'm going to make it my goal to buy one Bobbi Brown product per month... onto the products!

(From left - right)
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - Fresh Melon £18
Bobbi Brown Lip Balm - £14

I absolutely love Pot Rouges! This is only my second one but i plan on making quite the collection of them! This is a gorgeous fresh colour (as it would give you the impression) that glides smoothly over the cheeks. The consistency really is lovely & as it's for cheek and lips it also looks perfect on your lips. It gives a sheer melon-y tint to them and stays on for a couple of hours. I do recommend these as they've got a very wide range of colours going from really light and fresh colours to deep dark red colours. 
And the lip balm is lovely. It was just a little treat for myself that i didn't intend on buying but i am really happy i did. The packaging is so gorgeous and i am a sucker for things like that & i like attention to detail. The lip balm is really nice and glides on smoothly, it hydrates your lips without looking like you've got too much on there. It's also a primer for lipstick and works really well as that too! Definitely worth the quite hefty price tag.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - Rose Gole
John Lewis - £30.50

I haven't used this product yet but i swatched it in the shop and fell in love. I've wanted to get a Shimmer Brick for quite some time and i thought now was as perfect time as ever. I know it's probably very similar to the Dior Shimmer Powder i bought yesterday but in a way it's also very different. It's a gorgeous colour and i cannot wait to use it! I love everything from Bobbi Brown so i can imagine this will be a staple item in my make up kit in NO time!


Benefit 'Hello Flawless!' Powder - Shell
John Lewis - £24.50
I've not used this powder yet so there isn't a lot i can say about it but i needed a new powder and i really liked my Get Even powder from Benefit. If this isn't good then i'll probably go back to Get Even but i'll give a proper review once i've used it!

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