Tuesday, 8 May 2012

First day of work make up

Today i had my first day at my new job, and i absolutely loved it!
I thought i'd share with you the make up, earrings and nail varnish that i wore!


I swept 'Sidecar' from the original Naked Palette all over my lids for a lovely shimmery bronze colour. I adore this as an all over the lid colour because it's so interesting and looks different in all the different lights.

I then popped 'YDK' from Naked 2 Palette on the outer corners of my eye. I'm not sure it was a much deeper colour than Sidecar but i just love this colour and felt it was necessary to go on the outer corner just to spice it up a bit!

 Today for my eyeliner i used the Topshop Liner and i put a thin strip all over my lash line and winged it out slightly at the ends. This isn't my favourite eyeliner and i don't actually think i'd recommend it BUT it does the job and is all i had this morning!

I repurchased 'Bourjois - Volume Glamour Max Definition' yesterday as it was on offer in Superdrug! I absolutely adore this mascara and i really do recommend this to anyone! It keeps the curl in my eye lashes ALL day and gives such a nice effect. It's my second favourite after Maybelline 'One by One' 


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink it was today! I absolutely love this product as you probably know and today i just fancied a pretty flush of pink. This is perfect and stayed on ALL day! This makes me a very happy worker!

Dior Rose Diamond as a highlighter. Need i say anymore?
The lights in the shop are quite bright and i wanted them to pick up a pretty shimmer whenever i moved so it had to be this! I focused mainly on the lighter side today!


Nothing fancy on the lips today as my eyes were already quite bold! I used Ricky Martin for M.A.C lip conditioner! It stayed on for so long and i topped it up every so often with an Anatomicals lip balm that i bought in John Lewis the other day! I just really like the glossy effect this gives without being sticky! 


I bought these especially for work and managed to go a week without wearing them so they were fresh for my first day!
I got these half price in Topshop so they were £2.50 and i just absolutely love them! They're quite big but not too big if that makes any sense? Probably not but i do love them!
Topshop earrings are my favourite.


It had to be O.P.I and i chose two of my favourite colours!
The pink is from the Dutch Treats collection and it's called 'Kiss Me On My Tulips'
And the gorgeous sparkly pink is from my favourite O.P.I collection the Katy Perry collection! And it's called 'Teenage Dream' i adore it.
I've been searching around for a full size of it and i've found one on Amazon for £15.99 - i don't mind paying that but i know it's quite expensive... If anyone knows it to be cheaper elsewhere please let me know! 

So that's just a round up of what i used today! I might do posts like this every day as they're simple but i love being nosy and knowing what people wear so i love these posts!


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