Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Nail of the day & Face of the day!

I've really been getting into doing my nails recently because i'm getting a new job! Working at Waitrose you're not allowed to wear nail varnish but going into my new job i am allowed to! So i've decided to try out some new looks and buy some new nail varnish and just have a play around! It's Wednesday and since Sunday i've changed my nail varnish 3 times!

So the look i've gone for at the moment is a sparkly black!
Base coat - Barry M 'Black Multi Glitter'
Top coat - Topshop 'Ice Crush'
I really like this look, i just find myself loving anything with glitter over the top!
I like it when it catches the light and glimmers and oh i just love a bit of sparkle! I also really recommend the Topshop nail varnish - i don't find it's that hard to get off and it goes on really nice and evenly and doesn't leave a bumpy layer! Definitely recommend!

As much as i dislike this picture it's as good as i could do on my boyfriends Photobooth and the lighting is all horrible in his bedroom SO please excuse it!

Eyes -
M.A.C Sumptuous Olive 
M.A.C Naked Lunch
M.A.C Rice Paper
MUA Pearl Shade 2

Cheeks -
M.A.C Trace Gold

Lips - 
Cocoa Butter Vaseline

So yes thats my face of the day and nail of the day!
For the rest of the day i'm going to cosy up on the sofa on my own and catch up on youtubers and watch films! It sounds perfect to me as this week is my last week of freedom!
What's been your favourite eyeshadows this week? Although i'm not wearing it today i've been LOVING M.A.C Cranberry! Really recommend that! Xo


  1. I really like this look! Your FOTD is gorgeous and you wear black nails well (I actually got here looking for the Barry M polish). :)

    1. Thank you so much darling! Oh wow how fabulous! Again, thank you! XO