Thursday, 26 April 2012


Please excuse me for not being present for the past week! I've been having a little vacation at my boyfriends house for the week and i've not had the chance to blog - partly because i forgot my camera but also because well i just wanted to spend all my time with my boyfriend!

SO it was my payday and of course i had to go shopping the minute i knew i had money! It's just a little haul! 
I bought my mummy and daddy a couple of presents for their birthdays that are coming up and i bought my boyfriend a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' as it's his favourite perfume and i love him - so it was necessary.

Ricky Martin for MAC Lip Conditioner £11

MAC eyeshadow - Purple Haze £10 (I let my boyfriend pick this out for me, it's just a pure and simple matte purple!)

MAC Cream colour base - Shell
It slightly reminds me of Gleam (MAC eyeshadow) in the pan but i've not swatched it yet! My boyfriend also picked this one out - oh and i've forgotten the price about £15 i think!

Almond hand & nail cream the Body Shop £5

Urban Decay All Nighter spray - £19

This cute teeny tiny bottle was about £2.50 from tesco and i bought it because i've heard it does wonders for the skin. Can anyone tell me their 'Sudocrem' story?

Superdrug - Buy 2 save £1 fabulous!

Superdrug miss sporty sparkly nail varnish £1.59 (i think)

PRAISE THE LORD - this was still on offer and i grabbed some up straight away! About £4.50
So these are all my goodies! I managed to spend about £200 in one day.
Naturally i bought some food and some little niggly bits but all in all i had a lovely day!
I also took a trip into primark and got some AMAZING Versace-esque leggings for £8 i think and a lovely sheer black shirt for £10. I was extremely pleased with them! Money well spent!

What have you been buying recently? ALSO i can't believe it's the end of the month... April favourites soon and tomorrow hopefully a little empties post! It will be my first one, granted theres only four things but OH WELL

Thank you for being patient with my non existent blogging over the past week! Xo

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