Sunday, 13 May 2012

M.A.C Single Eyeshadows

I used to refuse to buy M.A.C eyeshadows in pan form because i felt they look more 'proper' in their little pots - i completely disagree with that now!
But i have some eyeshadows in singles  that i thought i would share with you all! (picture heavy)

In my house Woodwinked is a very famous colour.
When i was younger and my older sister started getting into make up she asked for 'Woodwinked' for Christmas and all of us found the name hilarious for some unknown reason and giggled about it for ages. Now i'm older and own Woodwinked i see why she wanted it SO badly!
It's definitely one of my favourite colours i own and as soon as it runs out i'm purchasing one in pan form.
It's an amazing antique bronze/gold and looks amazing on the eyelid. I love to wear this alone really heavily all over the lid and then blend it out all over my eye. It's beautiful!

Retro Speck 
Is a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour - the swatch doesn't do it much justice. This is really pretty when opting for the 'minimal' look and just sweeping it all over the eye lid. 

Honey Lust
- I LOVE YOU. This is a staple eyeshadow in my collection. I love it more than pretty much every eyeshadow i own. I only ever wear this alone and dust it all over my lid for a gorgeous shimmery golden glow. It really is such an amazing colour. And i will need to repurchase soon as you can all see!!

Rich Flesh 
Isn't my favourite (i bought this off of my sister which is why there is such a dent in it) It's quite nice to deepen out the crease if you're going for quite natural matte colours though and does come in handy for that reason!

 Is a very pretty pinky shade that is again great for minimal make up looks. It's also a really lovely base for a bronze smokey eye. I don't think i'll ever run out of this eyeshadow purely because it just looks gorgeous on certain bits of the eye and you don't need a lot to achieve your desired effect.

When my mummy, sister and grandma went to New York i requested some green, yellow and blue eyeshadows. For some reason at the time i was LOVING them. So my wonderful mummy bought me back some M.A.C eyeshadows and a M.A.C lipgloss from the Venomous Villains collection (she's so lovely) and Humid was one of them. 
When she purchased it it was in a collection but i know that it's in the mainstream range now as i've bought it as a gift for someone!
I love it to use in the outer crease when doing a green smokey eye. It really is an amazing shimmery deep green colour - extremely buildable!

Sweet & Punchy (again from New York)
 Is an AMAZING vibrant green colour. My favourite way to wear this is all over the lid and then blended out over the crease with a thick line of eyeliner. I wanted a colour like this so i could channel my inner Beyonce. It's amazing, and again from a collection.

Going Bananas (also from New York) 
Is a lovely shimmery pale yellow that i also sweep all over the lid with a thick lick of eyeliner. I absolutely love this colour and i think it's really fun and uber cute and goes really well with my brown eyes.

Sky Blue (also from New York) 
I'm going to say it again... i wear this swept all over my lids with a thick lick of eyeliner. I love it and i also think this is a really pretty colour. It's a pastel blue and would be very 'on trend' at the moment with all the pastels going around!

I love this colour on the inner corners of my eyes. It's a really pretty pale green colour with flecks of glitter throughout. It's my only Mineralize eyeshadow i own and i also bought this off of my sister. I do love it though and forget to use it as much as i'd like! It's very simple but very effective on the eyes.

My first ever M.A.C product. My wonderful sister bought this for me and to this day i still adore it. I've been quite scared to use it in previous years but this year my make up has really come into it's own and i've worn bolder colours and bolder designs. I wear this on my lower lash line a lot to give a pop of colour. It's a gorgeous matte shade and looks lovely with my brown eyes.  

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