Sunday, 13 May 2012

5 Favourite products at the moment...

I know i've only just done 'April Favourites' but i am LOVING these things this week!

Bourjois - Magic Nail Polish Remover £4.99
I absolutely adore this at the moment!
I had been scouring around my local Superdrug and Boots for a week or so looking for this product and everyday i went in they said 'sorry we haven't been sent any' but that one lucky day that i was thinking 'should i go into Superdrug, should i not?' well i did and i asked again if they had it and they had ONE IN STOCK. My local Superdrug had only been sent one and i am now the proud owner of this!
 It really does work wonders! Granted it's not 1 second but it's a lot better than using cotton wool pads and nail varnish remover. Whenever i use that method i get bits of cotton wool stuck to my nails and it would ruin every manicure i gave myself.
I am definitely going to buy in bulk when i get paid and i really do recommend this!

Real Techniques Contour Brush - Core Collection £18.99
For some reason this week i am really into blusher. I purchased a gorgeous coral blush from E.L.F and i've been loving wearing it with my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and this brush is just a god send!
I don't often contour as i'm still not 100% confident that i ever do it right so i just stick to wearing gorgeous blushes and this brush is definitely coming in handy. This teamed with my M.A.C 109 is a match made in heaven!

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm - £14
My lips are forever dry and constantly causing me trouble ... that was until i purchased this. I didn't need this at all but now i am really glad i bought it. You only need to swirl your fingers in once for the bottom lip and once for the top lip and it keeps them moisturized for hours. Honestly hours. It's a must have for me these days and i will repurchase if it runs out!

M.A.C Ruby Woo - £13.50
A gorgeous matte red colour, really really gorgeous.
This week i've been loving a really toned down silver/black smokey eye with a matte red lip. It looks so classic and well sexy i suppose with dark hair. I can imagine it looks great with blonde hair as well but i just love the classic dark hair dark lip, and this week especially!

O.P.I Start to Finish Base & Top Coat - £13.95
If you read my blog often then you'll probably know i've recently got a new job and at my new job i am allowed to wear nail varnish! I am so ecstatic about that but my nails were in such awful condition.
When i went on my huge John Lewis shopping spree i purchased this base coat and i will never look back. It might seem quite expensive for a base and top coat but it's made my nails so lovely and the condition of them is incredible! They're not as dry anymore and they don't break as easily AND they've finally gone back to a normal colour instead of being stained yellow.
I really am loving this product the most at the moment and i will 100 billion % be repurchasing when this has run out!

What do you absolutely LOVE this week?! XO


  1. I just bought the real techniques stippling brush today! I must go and buy the contour brush! I have never seen the bourjois nail polish remover,I may have to buy that too ha! xx

    1. Oh i'd quite like to try the stippling brush but i've always been quite unsure how to properly use stippling brushes?! Maybe for cream blush.
      Oh you'll love the contour brush, oh god it's amazing!! It's probably sold out in all shops but definitely look online! xxx