Saturday, 12 May 2012

Highlighter Collection

Recently i've become really obsessed with highlights and seem to be buying a lot!
I thought i'd share my collection with everyone! I think my favourite highlighters are pink-y colours! 

There are obviously going to be a lot of pictures involved... Get ready!

 E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight - £1.50
I haven't actually used this on my face yet, but i like the swatch of it. It's a really shimmery cheap cream highlighter. I don't think 'cream' highlighters are my favourite but i have a few of them!
I wouldn't necessarily recommend this but if you want a really cheap highlighter then possibly go for this!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - Rose Gold - £30.50
I adore this colour! I use it as an all over cheek colour because it's got so many colours in it. It's so gorgeous and shimmery (as the name tells you) and it just looks amazing on my skin. I love it on pale complexions! 

Dior Shimmer Powder - Rose Diamond - £32
I absolutely love this! I really recommend this! I've recently been sweeping my brush over all the colours and using it alone as a blusher but i have also used the whiter colours as a highlighter when i'm wearing M.A.C Trace Gold.
I really think it's worth the price tag and will definitely repurchase this when it runs out... I think i'll be waiting quite a while for that because you literally only need to sweep your brush across and you've got enough for your whole cheek - i am so impressed with this!

E.L.F Blush - Gotta Glow - £3.50
I actually really like this highlighter, the consistency is slightly chalky but the colour is a really gorgeous pearl and comes off really well on my cheeks. I do recommend this as it's completely affordable and is a genuinely really nice product!

Benefit High Beam - £18.50
I really like this, it's such a gorgeous shimmering pink and has great staying power. Everyone knows about it and everyone seems to love it. As a lot of people would say i do recommend this! I've had this for just about five months now and it's only gone down about quarter - only just though! - so i know this is going to last me a really long time!

E.L.F Radiance Enhance - Spotlight - £3.50
This is pretty much a cheap Benefit High Beam with a bit of a stodgy consistency. The colours are pretty much the same. I do like this product because it's in stick form and is thin so easy to carry around. I do recommend this again for the price - E.L.F products are generally really good and all under £5.00 i think. It's a pretty colour and easy to apply.

M.A.C Cream Colour Base - Shell - £14.50
My lovely boyfriend picked this for me and i've only used it once since i bought it but that's because i keep forgetting i have it. It's such a gorgeous rose gold colour and has a really smooth consistency. It also leaves a slightly dewy finish so looks really gorgeous with my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and a nice nude face.

Topshop Highlighter - Sunbeam - £9
This is such a gorgeous gold-y yellow-y highlighter! It's a really substantial amount of product for the price tag and i would definitely recommend it! It looks gorgeous when i wear Trace Gold blush by M.A.C as the colours really compliment each other. This looks SO gorgeous in day light and the sun hits it so nicely.

M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish - Blonde - £20.50
Another pinky shade - of course! I tend to use this as an all over cheek colour and don't use it as a highlight but it also looks gorgeous above a matte cheek colour. Mineralize Skin Finishes are gorgeous and i think a lot of people would recommend them. This is really buildable and i think it would look great on any skin colour. I like it against my pale skin because it seems to just add a little shimmer without adding TOO much colour. This is probably one of my favourites!

 bareMinerals - Turn On - I don't know how much this costs because i got it in a set at Christmas
I LOVE THIS. I don't know why i don't use it more. It's a pale pale pink colour with pearly undertones and glides on so wonderfully and is just such a gorgeous colour. I know i've said this about pretty much all of them but i really do recommend this one. The consistency is so gorgeous and it's such an amazing highlight. I absolutely love this!

So there you have it - all my highlighters! No doubt my collection will get bigger and bigger each month - the next highlight i plan on buying is NARS Albatross. I've wanted it since i've been reading through blogs - it's such a gorgeous colour and i think a highlighting must-have to anyone!
What's your favourite highlighter? Xo

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