Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Review - MaxFactor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

As you will all know as i keep saying it - i love nail polish at the moment!
I also like the idea of mini bottles of nail polish because i very very rarely finish a whole bottle of nail polish and it just ends up gloopy and ruined!
I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and i've not yet used it so today was the day to show case this nail varnish...

 MaxFactor - Max Effect Mini Nail Polish
Superdrug - £3.99
I am going to say the only negative thing about this product first to get the negativity out of the way...
It takes about 4/5 coats for this to appear opaque and for the full effect to come out. That is the only negative point about this product though!
Onto the positive...
The finish is amazing! It looks so gorgeous on the nails. As you can see from the blurry picture above the sparkles are very prominent when in the light!
Even though you need a lot of coats to make it opaque it's extremely easy to apply. The brush and the black lid may be small but it makes for an easy application. I am not 100% confident with my nail painting skills but this brush makes it a lot easier.
I like a glossy finish to my nail varnish and this polish is so glossy that you don't really need to add a top coat. Its silky smooth and very soft to the touch!
It dries really quickly! I am very impatient with nail varnish and always seem to scuff them because i don't wait for them to dry properly. However i was out doing some shopping about 20 minutes after applying this nail varnish and it's still absolutely perfect.
And the last point - the colour is amazing. It really is a gorgeous colour and i can imagine it would look nice on all skin tones. I have partnered it with a a pastel purple from Barry M on the ring finger and it looks gorgeous! I can imagine it would make an amazing top coat over lots of colours.
All in all i really love this product and i might possibly repurchase it if i ever go round to finishing it. But like i said, i love the fact it's a small bottle and i will use it up before it goes gloopy.
Have you tried this nail polish? If so what do you think of it? XO

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