Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review - Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

For me bath/shower time is not a quick process, it requires a lot of effort.
My bath is simple - it pretty much goes exactly the same as everyone else (well i can only assume) it's what i've got to do afterwards.
I moisturize every single part of my body from top to toe. My feet have to be done rapidly because i don't like moisturising them and then touching the ground so i have to quickly do them and the lower portion of my calf so i can slide some socks on almost instantly. 
I have to take a lot of care doing moisturising my body to make sure i've covered every single area. It's a looong process to say the least!
Anyway... I am always on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer and recently i've found my new favourite!

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion
Shea Butter
With triple Oat complex -
Immediately relieves and nourishes extra dry skin, irritable skin and moisturises for 24 hours

 Normally i never agree with what is said on the packaging of moisturisers but with this one i definitely agree -
1. It leaves my body feeling soft 
2. It relieves areas of really dry skin and instantly stops the itching
3. It's made my skin appear smoother and brighter
It really is one of those products that i wanted to rave about the first time i'd used it. The scent smells like Oatifix face mask from Lush and i really really love it. 
It takes a while to sink into my skin but in my opinion that's good because i feel like it's actually working. 
I have a tendency to use way too much moisturiser purely because i panic that i've not used enough and i will shortly be dry (honestly i am paranoid) but with Aveeno i genuinely do only use a pea size for each section of my body eg arms, lower back, stomach etc

I picked this up in Boots for £4.09 (on offer) and i will definitely repurchase when i've finished this bottle - on offer or not i will get my Aveeno!

What's your favourite moisturiser? Xo


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