Friday, 6 April 2012

M.A.C Palette so far

I decided a couple of months ago i was fed up of having all my M.A.C eyeshadows in separate pots - it was taking up too much room and i didn't have a clue how to store them so that they looked nice! SO i decided to bite the bullet and buy a palette!
The Pro Palette x15 is £11.50 and the single eyeshadows are £10 - which i personally think is brilliant. I don't mind paying £10 for a product that lasts a really long time and i know is good quality. 
Granted not all of M.A.Cs products are amazing but on the whole their eyeshadows are really lovely and they have side a wide colour range that you can always find something you like!

I was going to keep this palette completely neutral - browns and champagne colours but i decided that i would just buy colours that i like and find a place for them! I've not got a lot of eyeshadows in there at the moment but it's the start of my palette so it's not going to be full straight away!
On to the palette...

As you can see i've got 8 eyeshadows in there so far and two of them are actually the same ... i think
Basically, my lovely sister Rebecca moved to Lanzarote and wanted to get rid of A LOT of make up - mainly M.A.C - that she had collected over the years so i bought a 15 whole palette full of eyeshadows but because she depotted them herself years ago none of them had the name on the bottoms and one of the colours in there was a gorgeous green that i believe now to be Sumptuous Olive but at the time didn't realise SO i bought another Sumptuous Olive and realised they're exactly the same DOH, at least i love the colour!

Top row - Wedge, Sumptuous Olive + Ricepaper
Middle row - All That Glitters, Cranberry + Sumptuous Olive

Bottom row - Amber Lights + Naked Lunch

So that's my palette so far... If you want me to review any of these colours i absolutely will but i can tell you now my favourite i've got in my palette is Cranberry it's the most GORGEOUS colour and i really do love it
What's your favourite eyeshadow at the moment? Xo

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