Saturday, 7 April 2012


Uber quick really rubbish quality nail of the day... Tomorrow i will put up a few posts to make up for my lack of posts.

Take on my Blackberry excuse the quality!
Base -
Nails Inc. Saville Row
1st glitter -
Maybelline Express Finish in Flash Cosmic
2nd Glitter -
NYC Lights Camera Glitter

I am finding it really hard these days to paint my nails without drowning them in glitter - i absolutely love it though - no complaints here! 
I also had one of those evenings where none of my nail varnishes looked good on me and trust me i have a lot of nail varnish but no inspiration! So i thought well i'll stick to something i know and love - dark colours! 
And you just can't go wrong with glitter!
I absolutely love the NYC glitter nail varnish - it's my favourite i've ever tried out of glitter nail varnishes! So happy days that it's only about £2!

Today i worked and had no motivation for anything when i got home so excuse the poor quality picture!
What's your favourite glittery nail varnish? Xo

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  1. Same.. I am addicted to dark colours at the moment. I need a bit of glitter in my life though. Love this combination..