Monday, 5 March 2012

This or That tag...

Coke or Pepsi? Coke, nothing beats a can of coke.
Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? Ice Cream definitely. Mint Choc Chip please.
Clothes or Makeup? Make up. My fashion sense isn't really anything. It's a miss match of rubbish clothes that i wear pretty much every single day. All i wear at the moment is the Topshop skater dresses, i have them in two colours and i just wear them constantly! But make up on the other hand, is my life.
Hairspray or Serum? Hairspray, i never use any products in my hair apart from Hairspray and barely ever use that anyway!
T.V or Book? T.V for sure. I am lazy and go through phases with books. I've not read a full book in about 2 years. It's awful but that's the way it is. I love T.V!
Pool or Beach? Pool for sure. I never really go to either though. I am very conscious of my weight so i don't really like being in a bikini so i don't swim and i don't like the beach because i hate sand/stones. Oh i'm fussy! 
Water or Pop? Pop for sure.
Sandals or Boots? Boots definitely.  I don't like my feet so i don't wear sandals and i will literally wear boots all year round. My chelsea boots get the most wear out of me! 
Purse or Backpack? Purse. I don't quite understand the backpack fad yet.
Team Jacob or Team Edward? Edward. That is all.
Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana? WOWP, i love it.
Real shops or Online Shopping? Real shops because then you can try it on and work out wether you like it or not. And nothing ever looks the same online! It always looks nice and then i try it on and i look like rubbish in it so i'd definitely rather shop in store!
Tennis or Football? Tennis, if i had to chose that is. But really neither of them. Sports bore the crap out of me, that's probably why i've got weight issues! 
MAC or Maybelline? MAC (L)


  1. i also love it more to wear boots than sandals. chelsea's are amazing :D and the most comfiest shoes I've ever worn so far :D
    in btw you have such a lovely blog you have here :)
    I started to follow you! maybe you'll have a look also on my blog :))


    1. thank you so much! you're my first follower! i'll definitely have a look at your blog! yes chelsea boots are the loveliest! I even wear them at work they're so amazing! xxxx