Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Florence and the Machine 4/3/2012 (Picture heavy)

So i was lucky enough to see Florence and the Machine live on Sunday with my boyfriend and his mummy Jacqui. It was such an amazing night! It completely rekindled my love for the one and only Florence Welch, she really is an amazing performer. She bounces around the stage like a little pixie with her tiny frame (tall but skinny) and belts out the most amazing notes and manages to give the most perfect performance without even looking like she is trying! My friend Lucy told me to get inspired by her and i really did, i spent the whole time being envious that it wasn't me on that stage!
As none of you will know i am a singer, when i say i'm a singer i mean i sing as a hobby but would love to pursue it as a profession. It's never going to happen but it really is a dream of mine. And Florence just proved that even more. She really is incredible.

Above pictures -
Alex (my boyfriend) and his mum Jacqui
Then a couple of me and Alex, he is quite camera shy so that's why it's pretty much just me posing, as always!
And then the last one is a picture of The Horrors. It's not a very good one but it's about as good as i can get!

Above are all the good pictures i got of the evening. It really was sensational and Florence looked amazing! She had a black velvet cat suit on with straps across the bodice of sparkly silver! It really was a sight to see. She also wore a cape and flung it off rather dramatically (but fabulously) during one of her songs.
She really is incredible and i suggest everyone should go and see her if they can! 
The stage also looked amazing. It was really vintage and simple but colourful with disco balls when it was necessary! 

She really out did herself! 
Thank you for taking me, Alex! Xo

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