Sunday, 11 March 2012

A sunday walk with the family...

I dislike walking, a lot, but when the family are down i can't really get away from going on a Sunday walk with them all! It would be rude not to go - even though i have passed the offer up a few times! My boyfriend is a fan of family walks and it was the first time he'd met my cousins and aunty and uncle so it made sense for us to both go! It actually turned out to be really lovely - granted i moaned and complained about everything i could but i walked and walked and at the end got an ice cream! That made everything worth it.

My beautiful boyfriend, Alex.

Alex and I
I absolutely love the first picture of Alex. 

For some reason it's always so hard to get the right picture! But i love all of these pictures especially the first one! This is my gorgeous cousin Stevie. She is absolutely amazing and oh i just love her so much! 

This is me and my older sister Rebecca. She has moved to Lanzarote but came home for two weeks! She leaves on Wednesday which i am gutted about but it's been so amazing to have her here!
... Can i also just point out my amazing cat top and as you can see from the pictures me and Alex have matching kitty tops! We're both obsessed with cats and when we first started speaking i bought these for me and him! Well my daddy did but i absolutely love them! They're from ebay!

Enjoy these random pictures! I like looking through pictures like this especially when it's been such a lovely sunny Sunday!


  1. OMG I love your tshirt! So friggin radalicious.

    Drea xo

    1. Thank you very much! They're so amazing! Xo