Monday, 12 March 2012

Another little haul...

I know i shouldn't but i just can't help it! I went shopping with my mummy and my sister. I checked my bank account and realized i had £10 more than i thought, this to me is like heaven! So altogether i had £30 - which is a lot of money to me!

I didn't put it in the pictures but i got a gorgeous scalloped cat top from Primark, eeek i never really like admitting that but i absolutely fell in love with it! You all know i'm a massive lover of cats and it felt necessary to buy it and for the bargain price of £4 i just couldn't say no!

Picture time...

Primark clips £1 H&M clips £1.99 (it was a four pack but there are two in my hair at the moment!)
 I really love clips like this for some reason and for the past 6 months i've used on trusty bright pink disgusting but amazing clip and i've recently lost it so i thought i'd buy some more conventional coloured clips that i can wear everywhere! I like to have all my hair out of my face when applying my make up. It's strange because my make up never looks as nice with my hair up because i don't tend to wear my hair up ... so i love when i un-clip it all and my hair falls down i just feel complete. It's such a satisfying feeling!

99p lip balm Marks&Spencer
 I am a lip balm hoarder and i buy a lip balm pretty much every time i enter a shop! I bought this because it was 99p and it just seemed necessary when i was passing through the checkouts! It's actually really nice and has a great staying power! I don't really like spending a lot of money on lip balm every time i buy it because it's just a waste. I will leave this one next to my bed for night time appliance! I do recommend this though - it's 99p and has quite cutesy packaging!

Yes i purchased some more of the exact same hoops BUT this time they're silver! As always these are from H&M and they were £1.99 - i'd say that's an absolute bargain! I pretty much wear these every day because i think they add a tiny flare to quite simple outfits but if you're wearing a really busy outfit these are also good because they're not too in your face. I'd say really versatile and really cheap. I definitely wish i'd bought some more!

These amazingly ridiculous things that i purchased from Primark (eeek!) for £2 are fabulous! I saw them and instantly fell in love. I doubt i'll wear them often but i just think they're so fun! And for me - a girl that absolutely loves eye make up and i do like to make my eyes the main feature i get really sad in the summer when it's necessary to wear sunglasses and even if they're lovely - they're normally boring! So... i loved these and i can't wait to wear them! I feel like they're silly but just the right amount of silly!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - John Lewis £18
And this ohhhh this! I LOVE THIS. It is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in the colour 'Pale Pink' which is number 11. It's absolutely amazing! I didn't swatch it because i really don't want to waste it. It's true to the colour you see in this picture. A lovely barbie pink and the texture is just amazing! The lady at the till was telling me it's a new creamy texture and is also meant to be more long lasting. I've never heard of this before and i've never seen anyone (on the blogs i follow and the youtubers i'm subscribed to) talk about this so i was really excited when i saw it and just knew i had to buy it. It retails for £18 but because i'm a John Lewis partner i get 25% off so i got it for the amazing price of £13.50 I've only used it once as obviously i got it today and i think i'm gonna do a proper review on it soon. It really is lovely and i think there was about 10 colours that i saw and i really genuinely liked all of them. My sister fell in love with a coral-y one and i initially picked up a really lovely dark maroon colour but decided to go for this one for spring! It's so fun and girly and i can picture wearing this with a really dark black smokey eye and it's making me want to apply all my make up now!

Sorry for all the rambling i ended up doing in this post but as you can tell i love the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and suggest you all go out and get it! You only need a tiny bit and the colour pay off is amazing!

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