Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another little haul!

I am so awful with money. The other day i realized i had some money laying around and i just had to go and spend it! I don't know why but it felt necessary! I did my usual rounds of Superdrug and Boots - they seem to be my favourite shops in the little town that i live in because i've got loyalty cards for both of them!
It's becoming harder and harder everyday to not spend my boots points! I've only got about £11 pounds in there but i can think of a lot of things i could get with that - mind you it's always things i don't need but at the time i feel like i need them - uh oh.
I also went on a quick food shop with my mummy and slipped something extremely immature into the trolley - and purely because i thought it was really girly and cute! I'm probably never going to use it...

 So this is everything altogether! As you might be able to tell the 'Little Miss Princess' body wash is my purchase from Waitrose that i probably will never use...

 This was £2 from Waitrose and i just absolutely had to have it when i saw it! It reminds me of my childhood - the scent being that horrible bubblegum-esq smell! It reminds me of medicine and i really dislike medicine so you can probably tell i really don't like this! I might use it as a bath foam though! Who knows but i just love it and it sits pride of place in front of my mirror!

 These were my two purchase from Boots! I went in there on a whim and ended up buying three things! It was 3 for 2 so as i always say it would have been rude of me not to buy anything! I got the body lotion and two body sprays and gave one of the body sprays to my sister! The body lotion was £3 and the body sprays were £2. The scent is amazing. It's very overwhelming at first but as soon as you've had it on for about a minute it's wonderful! It really is such a bargain at £2! And i love it for work because i don't really like wasting my expensive perfumes to wear at work... It does seem like a waste right?

And these were my Superdrug bits! I've never heard of the Beauty Parlour and i still just see it as a rip off of Soap&Glory but i really like these products! The mattifying moisturizer is quite heavily scented so i wouldn't recommend this to anyone that's got sensitive skin! On a whole i'm quite lucky with my skin and it can deal with heavily scented products etc. I've only used the moisturizer a couple of times but i'm really liking it. I only use it at night and i think it really is making a difference! My skin doesn't appear as oily and is definitely coming across more matte! The mattifying papers are also really handy! I only really use them on my chin as that's probably the oiliest part of my face and i prefer the matte look to the dewy so i like to make sure my whole face is even! These were half price and the moisturizer was between £3-4 and the mattifying papers were £1.49 so i think that's quite a bargain too!

So that's my little haul for you guys! I like to look out for bargains and i find myself scouring the shop for offers! The better the offer the more money they make out of me! Oh and of course i bought two new nail varnishes yesterday so if you want to see them check out my 'nail of the day' post i did!

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