Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Night time skin care routine...

I have recently become obsessed with skin care products. I never really used to bother with them, i thought skin care was overrated and boring and just seemed like a lot of effort to do before bed. Nowadays i always take time out of my evening to take my make up off properly and prep my skin before bed time.
It's so important, and i've learned that over the past few months where i've had complete ups and downs with my skin! One minute it loves me and is smooth and soft and lovely then the next day it's bumpy and dry and irritated. However with the products i've come across and recently started using my skin has started to love me... for now anyway!

So this is my night time skin care routine! Just before all of this goes on i will say that after using my make up remover i wash my face with cold water and then go onto toning - so i don't NOT wash my face!

Step 1 -

I thought i'd just show you my cut little basket-esque thing i hold my eye make up remover pads in! I got it from the little candle shop my mummy works at where we live i just think it's so lovely and cute! You can't actually tell but it's in the shape of a heart AW!
SO i'm a little bit of a cheater, as you all know i absolutely love the Botanics soothing eye make up remover but i don't love the packaging so i've put my Botanics make up remover into my Benefit pot so it looks nicer... uh-oh i feel stupid but i don't really care!
So yes i take my eye make up remover off with this and then go onto my next step...

Step 2 -

I pour quite a small amount of this onto a cotton wool pad. I don't really like to use a lot of toner as it seems sometimes like an un-necessary step sometimes, saying that though i do use it every night! 
It's great for taking off that last bit of make up that you just couldn't quite get off with the make up remover! 

Step 3 -

This is a new step i've added recently as i've felt like my face has been really oily! I apply this quite lightly to my t-zone and make sure it's really well soaked in before i go onto my next step. It seems to be working quite well and i absolutely love the smell of it!

Step 4 -

I get half a pea size blob of this on the end of my finger and rub it really sparingly all over my face. I like this because it's oil free and as i've said before i use this as a sort of moisturizer primer. It sinks in really quickly and is great for a base.

Step 5 -

Eye cream! Oh how i love this eye cream. It's so soothing and lovely. I rub the tiniest amount over my bags and then on my eyelids. A little goes a long way with this product so i take probably a quarter of a pea size for each eye!

Last step...

And here is my main moisturizer! I take a pea size amount of this and rub this all over my face really evenly. Focusing on my cheeks and around my nose as those seem to be quite dry recently! Oh weather please sort yourself out soon!

SO that's it! I know it seems like a lot of moisturizer but it's only for the night time to keep my skin really moist and lushious! In the morning i only apply one moisturizer so it's not heavy for the day!
What products do you use? Xo

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