Wednesday, 21 March 2012

M.A.C lipstick collection

I don't actually have a lot of M.A.C lipsticks however i did used to have two more but they ran out of course! (Russian Red and Hue) But anyway these are my 6 beautiful lipsticks from M.A.C. I know they're really expensive now - retailing for £13.50 but i genuinely do think it's really worth it. They're all so lovely and have such an amazing colour variety, you can't go wrong! I absolutely love the packaging as well, it's very sleek and chic and plain but in a good way!

Girl About Town & Secret Lover
Girl About Town

Secret Lover
 Girl About Town is such a gorgeous colour! It to me a purple/pink colour that's quite vibrant but can be worn day and night. It is an amplified finish and goes onto the lips really creamy and delicious. It's really long lasting and even when it has faded slightly it's still a really lovely colour.
Secret Lover is a really shimmery nude. It's almost a 'barely there' colour but i just absolutely love the shimmer to it. It's not glittery and isn't grainy on your lips, it's extremely smooth and long lasting. It's perfect for an all over shine if you've got a really dramatic matte eye look going on. It's a lustre finish.

Impassioned & Captive


 Impassioned is an amazing neon pink that looks wonderful on any skin colour. I've seen so many people don this fabulous lipstick on youtube/blogs and i cannot fault it. It's an amplified finish so again really creamy and just fantastic. I can't stress how much i love this lipstick! It's extremely build-able and you can wear it really lightly swiped over your lips for a light pinky sheen or go all out and apply it really heavily for the full neon pink effect! I adore it and recommend this to anyone!
Captive is a lovely satin finish. It's my most recent purchase and i really love it. It's a dark burgandy-ish pink and really compliments my pale skin. The staying power with this lipstick is amazing! I put it on at about 5pm one evening and it didn't come off until i had to take it off before bed - i ate with this on, had drinks with this on and kiss my boyfriend and after all of that the colour was still there! 

Dubonnet & Acid Washed

Dubonnet (sorry for my extremely strange face)

Acid Washed
Dubonnet this is my favourite M.A.C lipstick i own. It's literally an incredible dark red wine colour and it's just beautiful. It gives me a rather 'snow white' sort of look with my pale skin and it just looks lovely. I can picture this looking great on anybody because it's not an in your face bright red it's a very deep dark red and it's just gorgeous! It's an amplified finish with a lovely creamy texture and it's just amazing!!!
Acid Washed this is very similar to 'Secret Lover' but is more glittery than shimmery. It's not very gritty on the lips it's still quite smooth being a glaze finish but it's just really complimentary on any skin colour. My sister goes very tanned in the sun and she wore this when she was tanned and looked amazing! Again it's just a shimmery sheen over the lips but with a more pinky tone when applied... even though it's absolutely not pink in the container!

So these are my M.A.C lipsticks and i adore them. I really do recommend getting some of these are they're just amazing colours and really lovely finishes and a pretty fabulous product.
Whats your favourite M.A.C lipstick? Xo


  1. Oooh! I really like captive! :) what do you think of Creme cup?

    1. I've never tried creme cup! I'd like to though ... i just don't think nudes look very nice on me! Xo