Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What's in my make up bag to take to my boyfriends...

I thought it was about time that i showed everyone what i take to my boyfriends house when i stay there for a few days! 
It varies every time i go depending on what looks i'm loving at the moment! 
Last week i was loving electric blue eyes with a really natural face! This week for some reason i'm enjoying a really natural face. I even went to work on Saturday without wearing foundation... this is a BIG deal! Anyway onto the pictures...
(p.s i probably wont explain much as the pictures are self explanatory!)

So this is my make up bag! It's a large Ted Baker make up bag (i've only ever seen two sizes, small and large) and it was £19 in a shop called Elliots where i live. However i know you can get these in John Lewis for £19 too!
I love it! I've got a matching bag - which might seem a bit sad to a lot of people but i think that's quite cute.

 Get excited...

Benefit Smokin' Eyes palette, 15 M.A.C palette (Wedge, All That Glitters + Amber Lights) M.A.C quad - don't actually know any of the colours but they're all M.A.C)

M.A.C fix+, Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, L'oreal Studio Secrets primer, Benefit Get Even pressed powder (02 Medium)

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder (Maui 3), Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (Pale Pink 11), M.A.C 109 brush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, 2 Bourjois Glamour Max definition mascara

No7 lipstick (Glam), MUA clear mascara (i used it for eyebrow gel) Carbon Gloss super liner, Topshop eyeliner, various brushes - foundation, blending, concealer, crease, blending, eye liner brush and eyebrow shaper
I only ended up taking a couple of palettes. The M.A.C quad that i put together is something i reach for quite often so i like to have it in a little handy quad. It's the old quad packaging and i absolutely love it! I do quite like the new packaging but definitely not as much as this one! 
I am absolutely obsessed with my new Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge god it's so gorgeous. I didn't think i'd wear it every day but i literally have worn it every single day since i bought it! I really really recommend it!

So yes this is what i took to my boyfriends house this time round! I actually ended up not even taking it out of my bag because i spent the two days i was there without make up on which is really rare but it felt necessary. I spend a lot of time putting on make up and didn't want to waste any time with my boyfriend so decided against it (plus i spent all day in bed) 

Enjoy! I think i'm going to do a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge review soon - it would only make sense because i love it so much! Xo

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