Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My brother James' birthday.

Yesterday my mummy, daddy and i went over to my brothers Uni halls to celebrate his birthday! His birthday is actually today and he is 21 but that's not important! Obviously i'm not serious... anyway! I took a couple of pictures literally to show everyone! 
Last night he had a few friends round and we all had lots of drinks and lots of laughs and then Alex and I got the bus back to his whilst everyone trotted off to go 'clubbing' - it's not really my scene at all so i was happier to just go back to Alexs! 

Left - Right Rebecca (my sister) James (my brother) and me, Sophie
 I really like this picture of Becca, James and me. It's cute and it took ages to get to this because i couldn't stop laughing. I really really couldn't stop.

I just think this is absolutely amazing. It took two of my brothers friends 5 hours to make these. My parents were very impressed and it made them both giggle!

They're the only pictures i've got. I took a few of my brother and parents but i wouldn't want to put that on here! Maybe one day you'll get to see what my parents look like!

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