Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mini Boots Haul...

SO today i had my hair done (I will try and get a good picture of it to show you all!) And afterwards i nipped into Boots... It was 5:25 so i only had five minutes to look around so it had to be done really quickly! I only got 5 things but like i said five minutes for a shopaholic to make her rounds of Boots isn't a long time!

First three things i purchased were from the Botanics range and it was on offer - 3 for 2 - so naturally i had to buy three things!

 I got the skin brightening toner and two more back ups of the soothing eye make up remover! I've officially got three back ups now. It really is amazing! I'm also really excited to try the toner - i normally use liz earles toner and i love it but i thought i'd try something more affordable and something that i can easily get hold of!

The next two things are obviously make up related and one is another back up...

Swatch of Beehive
I got a back up of my new favourite mascara that i've raved about a few times! It really is a holy grail item at the moment! Bourjois Volume Glamour Max mascara, oh how i love you. I got it because it was on offer - £5.90 instead of £9.90 or something like that and it would be rude if i didn't buy it! I almost bought two but then i remembered there was a lipstick that i had heard a lot of youtubers talk about and i knew i had to try it! 17's Beehive it's so lovely! The swatch i took of it is with flash so it looks slightly different in real life. It's like a 'your lips but better' situation. And i adore it! I think it was £4.90 so super cheap as apposed to the £13.50 you'd pay for a M.A.C lipstick!

So there you have it - a tiny little haul but a haul none the less. I really do love shopping, uh oh.

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