Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I feel i have to share my excitement...

In the past two days i've made 5 online orders -

2 to M.A.C (1 yesterday and 1 today)
1 to Debenhams
1 to Elf
+ 1 to Topshop

 I cannot contain my excitement. I made my first online order yesterday to Debenhams and then i just couldn't stop myself.
The thought of having all these delicious goodies coming my way shortly makes me feel a little bit giddy inside.
So i am now a poor but extremely happy bunny.

Look out for a post on all the amazing things i get when they come in the post! Two things i'm really excited about that i don't mind talking about are my two M.A.C brushes i ordered! They're two of the same brushes but they're necessary! Two 217 blending brushes! 
 That's all i'm letting you know ... Be excited for me though. 

I also bought a couple of new things today ... a new 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick in the colour Rich, a lovely deep maroon/red, Aveeno moisturizer and Rimmel Fix&Perfect Pro Primer 002 Three little things as i really do have no more money left to spend! 

I also had a lovely day today! Me and my mummy went to a Tapas bar where i live and we had some lovely food, with a lovely glass of wine followed by a costa!  

That's just a little rubbish picture from my Blackberry of the food but you can still see it looks amazing! 

So all in all i've had a lovely lovely day!

(Sorry about the utterly random post, it wasn't very beauty orientated but i thought i'd just mention all of this excitement that i'm having in my life at the moment! And the lovely day!)

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