Thursday, 27 September 2012

did someone say glitter?

Naturally on pay day i have to buy a little ... but it really was just a little this time! I've got to get my saving hat on if i want to move out!
However one thing i do like to treat myself to is nail polish ... I like to change my nails on a day to day basis and at the moment i am going through my glitter phase again ... why does everything look better when it's sparkly?!

1. Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter - Superdrug £3.99 
As soon as i saw this i fell deeply and madly in love - well just look at it! I can only assume you have as well?
As i've not used it yet there isn't a whole load i can say about it apart from how excited i am to put it over O.P.I Pink Friday & a black polish!

2. NYC Rock Muse Topcoat - Superdrug £2.99(ish)
(I'm sorry i couldn't find a link to this! Does anyone else think the Superdrug website is a bit crap?)
Anything black and glittery i am all over. I have a massive love for black nail polish as i think it's one of the classiest colours to have on your nails - however due to my glitter fetish i have to pop a bit of sparkle over the top so this is perfect! I'm not sure how this would fare on other colours as it's black but maybe one day i'll try a few different colours!

3. Rimmel Precious Stone 'Ruby Crush' - Superdrug £3.99 
Like many others all i can think of is Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz and this is what drew me in with this polish. I absolutely love red glitter all year round but most importantly over Christmas. What's better than festive nails? Not alot.

4. Collection Bedazzled 'Glittersweet' - Superdrug £2.99(ish)
(Again i am sorry i just couldn't find a link for this!)
I thought this was a really unique colour and definitely a glitter i've never owned so i thought i'd give it a go. When it comes to glitter i don't mind buying cheaper polishes as i use them so frequently that i can't justify spending £11.00+ on a polish if i use them up in a month or so! And i think this is just so lovely and i can imagine it will look amazing over a white polish, a very clean cut glittery mani!

So they're my recent glittery purchase ... If i end up falling more in love than i am currently with any of these products i will definitely do a full review! XO


  1. I can't get enough of glitter nail polish!!!! Xx

    1. I know me either! It's like nothing is complete without a bit of glitter over the top haha! xxx