Monday, 4 June 2012

oh thank you magazines

I was never one for buying magazines with free-bees in because well they never appealed to me/i never knew what offers were on. However, since i've been into blogging/youtube i've found out about all the latest offers and naturally jumped at the chance to get these things!
I've only got a couple of things to show you but i am chuffed with them!

So today from 'Glamour' magazine i managed to get my mitts on 'Benefit - POREfessional'
I've not tried this yet but from what i've heard it really is a great product so i have extremely high hopes for it!
In a way though i am really hoping i don't fall in love with it - with a price tag of £23.50 for  22ml it is quite pricey! On account of the fact that in the magazine you get 7.5ml! 

Glamour - £2
Benefit POREfessional - £23.50 John Lewis

Excuse the poor quality swatch - i did it really quickly before posting this!
 A couple of weeks ago i popped to tesco and got my hands on In Style magazine - now i will admit i haven't actually read the magazine yet, literally not even looked through it... BUT i justify it with the fact that a normal Nails Inc nail polish costs £11 and the magazine was a fraction of that at £3.80! Bargain right?
I don't know if mine got missed out in the packaging room but it doesn't have a name on it, is this normal from Nails Inc magazine free-bees? 
Either way i absolutely love this colour, it's unlike any i already own! 
I really wanted to pink nail polish but sadly in my local tesco the only colour they had was this.
Still - bargain though.

InStyle - £3.80
Nails Inc - £11 ASOS

Have you gotten any gorgeous free-bees recently? XO

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