Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A random love...

Today i had a rifle through my forgotten make up under my desk and fell in love with a product that i'd rejected over a year ago...

MUA Eyeshadow - Shade 4 Pearl
Now, don't get me wrong, i'm all for purple on the eyelids of course! But not when they're this shimmery so i put this eyeshadow to a better use!
I initially bought it last year to use as blusher for when i went to see Katy Perry and i did some funky make up. Naturally after that night i never used it again and instantly put it into my bag of 'rejected' make up. However now i've rekindled the tiny bit of love i had for it before and x that by one thousand!

So today i used this as a highlighter and i fell in love INSTANTLY. It really is a gorgeous highlight! It wont be to everyones taste because it does show up purpley on the cheeks - but initially it's quite sheer but you of course can build it up to a more prominent colour and that's just what i do! I wore my Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in the shade Maui and thought this would be a perfect highlight and it really was.

I apply this to the very tops of my cheek bones only as it would look ridiculous elsewhere but it gives such a gorgeous wash of colour and due to the fact it's so heavily shimmered it looks perfect when the light hits it.

I've heard many people talk about using MUA's pinks and whites as highlight but i've not yet come across anyone recommending this as a highlight but i really do recommend it! If you're feeling a bit braver and fancy quite a funky cheek i would definitely go for this!
Give it a try, and if you hate it well you've only wasted one pound - it could be worse!

Do you use random things/colours for highlighters? XO

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